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Focus Forza 37 Day Boat Isn't Just Fast: It Boasts Superyacht Tricks and Design
Sure, superyachts and all that jazz are nice, but rarely will the common folk reach a financial level where they could attain some giant ship. However, a smaller boat doesn't mean you need to reduce the experience.

Focus Forza 37 Day Boat Isn't Just Fast: It Boasts Superyacht Tricks and Design

Focus Forza 37Focus Forza 37 CockpitFocus Forza 37Focus Forza 37 DecckFocus Forza 37 Beach DeckFocus Forza 37Focus Forza 37Focus Forza 37Focus Forza 37Focus Forza 37Focus Forza 37Focus Forza 37 Interior
On the contrary, smaller boats can sometimes be much more thrilling than sluggish monstrosities we may be used to. Best of all, ships like the Forza 37 from Focus Yachts are even completed with some features usually found on superyachts, all just for you.

Folks, if you've never heard of Focus Yachts, it's time to get acquainted. Why? Well, this boat manufacturing team, led by Tony Castro, is known for delivering a solid boating experience meant to rival some of the best around. Castro's 40 years of experience in boat, yacht, and superyacht design is to thank for that.

As for Forza 37, it's a boat that ends up being hand-built, just like all other ships to leave Focus. But, unlike other craft from this manufacturer, this one has a trick or two up its sleeve.

Before I start talking about the design of this machine, I must mention that it features a top speed of 50 knots. If you're not sure what this means, it's 57.5 mph (92.5 kph), a speed nearly three times that achieved by most superyachts.

This is made possible by choosing one of two engines of up to 740 hp, the Mercury Diesel or Volvo Penta. Featuring a 550-liter (145-gallon) fuel capacity and consumption rate of 40 liters (10.5 gallons) per hour, you should be able to enjoy quite a bit of time out on the water before needing to refuel.

Overall the boat comes in with a length of 11.4 m (37.4 ft) and features a beam of 3.49 m (11.45). While that doesn't sound like much, Focus states that it's suitable for up to 10 passengers. Best of all, this little water-skipping machine even has room for a cabin with two berths, perfect for an overnight trip at sea.

Now for that deck space that looks so dang attractive. Well, I'll just get into it by starting off aft with the beach deck. It's here most of your sun-loving humanoids will be spending their time. Best of all, the platform under the lounge bed hydraulically drops into the sea to help swimmers access the ship easily upon their return from a dive.

Another mobile feature of the hull includes two lateral portions that unfold to reveal two platforms off of which to dive or just dangle your feet. Focus reports that this feature alone expands the floorspace by up to 20%.

The rest of the main deck is reserved for nothing more than the cockpit, an alfresco dining space, and a forward-facing lounge, just perfect for taking a 50-knot ride on. Better hope you have something to hold onto in case you clip a rogue wave at those speeds.

Below the deck, I already mentioned the cabin and two berths. This cabin is situated at the bow of the ship and is accompanied by a wet bath and a galley. A workspace and your choice of gas or electric cooker are also in your hands.

When you choose to buy a boat like this, Focus Yachts will offer a completely customizable experience. Well, my curiosity went through the process, and I ended up looking at a Forza 37 priced at around 566,000 EUR (640,312 USD at current exchange rates).

Sure, it sounds like quite a bit, but mind you that I chose the most robust engines, leather seating for guests, racing seats and steering wheel for the cockpit, and joystick controls too. I also included the three hydraulic platforms, sunshade, radar, antifouling, generator, and an entertainment package, among other things.

Considering what that money is buying you is one heck of a mini superyacht, it's something to consider if you've got cash to spend on a summer toy that'll turn some heads.


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