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U.S. Real Estate Mogul Living the Billionaire Dream on Board His Stunning Superyacht

While some of the world’s most impressive superyachts are also available for charter, which allows us to take a closer look at their luxurious features, some of the owners of these stunning “toys” prefer to keep such beauties all to themselves. The Silver Shalis, owned by U.S. billionaire Larry Silverstein, has remained mysterious throughout the years and is a rare sight.
The Silver Shalis is a beautiful work of art, estimated at $40 million 7 photos
Silver ShalisSilver ShalisSilver ShalisSilver ShalisSilver ShalisSilver Shalis
Vacation season may be over for some of us, but that’s never the case when you’re one of America’s top billionaires and one of the most prominent real estate moguls. The venerable businessman, whose name will always be linked to New York’s Twin Tours, is on a leisure trip to the southwest coast of Florida, cruising on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic on board his gorgeous luxury yacht, estimated at $40 million.

The Majestic Silver Shalis was spotted visiting Fort Lauderdale, The News-Press reported, one of the rare sightings of this vessel that hasn’t revealed too much of itself to the world. Built over a decade ago by the prestigious American shipbuilder Delta Marine, the 180-footer (54.8 meters) immediately stands out due to its striking cerulean blue hull, contrasting with the white superstructure. Elegant silver accents match its name, derived from the billionaire owner’s name.

According to the builder, this was the final exterior design project of the famous Bill Langan, also featuring interiors by another renown designer, Jonathan Quinn Barnett. Some of the treasures onboard Silver Shalis include an art collection displayed throughout, a glass-enclosed cylindrical elevator, and a unique staircase with precious marble walls that run vertically in a mesmerizing curved arrangement.

A lap pool, a very well-equipped gym, plus a generous dining area on the upper deck complete the vessel’s luxurious amenities. In addition to its outstanding performance – capable of transoceanic crossings, the Silver Shalis can cut through the waves at almost 20 knots (23 mph/37 kph).

At 90-years-old, Silverstein, who famously signed a multibillion-dollar lease on the World Trade Center just weeks before 9/11, is certainly enjoying the pampered wealthy lifestyle on board his yacht. Taking long cruises and keeping his Silver Shalis away from curious eyes most of the time, the real estate tycoon seems to be one of the most discrete U.S. billionaires.


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