Finding a Fit-for-Rescue Impala Is Not an Easy Job, Here Are Some Tips

1964 four-door Impala 7 photos
Photo: Iowa Classic Cars/YouTube
1964 Chevrolet Impala sedan1964 Chevrolet Impala sedan1964 Chevrolet Impala sedan1964 Chevrolet Impala sedan1959 Chevrolet Impala two-door sedan1959 Chevrolet Impala two-door sedan
Even though the Impala was the first American car that was produced in more than one million units in a single year, it doesn't mean that you may easily find one in good condition and at a low price; yet, there might be one of them out there waiting for you.
Ryan from the Iowa Classic Cars YouTube channel takes a road trip to find a four-door 1964 Impala and bring it home for a complete restoration. He went all the way to Nebraska for this one at his buddy Roy, who happened to also have a nice collection of 1959 Impalas. So, like the shoemaker who doesn't have spotless shoes, Roy drives a two-door sedan 1959 Impala, which he's had since before high school.

The car looks pretty rusty, but the pins on the hood and the side dump exhaust should tell you that there might be some surprises underneath. And yes, there are. It now has a big-block 454, an aluminum radiator, and front disc brakes. A fresh battery and the engine fires up instantly with that sound of a good ol' pushrod engine. With the right tune and setup, that engine could produce 330 horses and a healthy 475 lb-ft (644 Nm) of torque.

Among other cars that Roy has in his yard is a 1947 Kaiser, which despite its beaten-up look, starts and purrs like a cat. Ryan says that the vehicle is for sale and if you are keen to get that old glory, hit him up with an email. You might end up on his channel too, who knows? Also, there is a rare tri-power 1959 El Camino around there with a 348 under the hood.

After bringing the four-door 1964 Impala back home, Ryan shows us how he protects his cars in the garage. One important thing to do is disconnect the battery from the cars he doesn't drive until spring. The reason behind that is that a faulty switch or connector could lead to a battery discharge or, even worse, to a fire.

Another tip of advice from Ryan is to clean and wax the cars, even if they are inside a controlled environment garage. Thus, even if the vehicles collect some dust until the driving season starts, at least the dirt won't get stuck on the paint and damage it. Sure, he has some specific products, but you may use the brands of your choice.

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