Ferrari Still Has a Russian F1 Driver on Their Team, Here's How It's Going To Work

Ferrari’s F1 team has a Russian driver that helps the organization with test driving new racing cars and verifying different changes or technologies on the track. His name is Robert Shwartzman. Despite the latest rules regarding the nationality of those involved in FIA-sanctioned racing, the man will still be able to perform for the Italian automaker.
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Unlike the ousted Nikita Mazepin, Robert Shwartzman will bypass the rules regarding Russian and Belarusian competitors that want to take part in Formula 1. He will use an Israeli license. Luckily, the man was born in Israel and has an Israeli passport. Nobody at Ferrari F1 pulled any strings for this to happen.

Moreover, according to RaceFans, he will no longer be on the payroll of certain Russian companies that supported his activity in F2 and now in F1. The information was confirmed by Ferrari’s team principal Mattia Binotto.

He raced under the Russian flag last year in F2 and has now been drawn into F1. Ferrari thinks the man has potential. But with the invasion of Ukraine being an ongoing situation that breaks multiple international laws and agreements, F1 and FIA are keen on making racing politically neutral. That’s why the flags of the aggressor countries are not allowed.

Ferrari’s Binotto also confirmed they won’t get rid of Shwartzman just because he’s Russian. The team principal said they’ll make use of his skills if such a situation arises.

For now, it’s not entirely clear if Robert Shwartzman agreed to sign the additional pro-peace agreement. This would’ve allowed him to keep working in F1 under a Russian license.

According to the latest Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) regulations, racing drivers that are of Russian or Belarusian nationality can still take part in all the motorsport-related activities if they enter as “Authorised Neutral Drivers” and adhere to “FIA’s principles of peace and political neutrality.”

But things can go farther than this. For example, promoters like those at Silverstone are banning drivers, staff, and others from joining motorsport events just because they’re Russian, Belarusian, or have known affiliations with one of the two countries.

Some fans still don’t agree with FIA’s decision, even though Nikita Mazepin’s permanent leave from Haas didn’t attract many regrets. The attitude seems to be shifting in favor of letting people race as they wish without making them resort to “passport shifting.”


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