Felix e6100 E-Bike Blends Modern Power With Vintage Styling To Attain Cycling Balance

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Photo: Linus Bikes
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Every few decades or so, it seems like history repeats itself. This appears to be true for bicycles and their manufacturers too. One company, in particular, is taking classic frame and bicycle styling and adapting it to the modern age.
Linus Bikes is that crew, and they were born in 2007 with a simple goal, to “create elegant, functional designs to transform the way you move around.” However, that’s only half the story, as this crew from Venice, California, seems to be bringing back styling seen on bikes from the golden days of cycling.

While this crew designs and builds bicycles for an array of uses, from children’s bikes to adult trinkets and even a few electric ones, it’s the Felix e6100 that seems to be tipping this team’s price scales; selling for $3,400 (€3,300 at current exchange rates). Best of all, it’s an EV and one that screams, “Look at my hip self,” blending that classic styling I mentioned with the wonders of electricity.

Like all bicycles on the market, the Felix is built for a particular riding style and shouldn’t be seen bombing down some hill with your grandma or even you on it. Nope, this is the sort of machine that’s meant to have all wheels planted on the ground at all times, not to mention that the frame just isn’t built to take the stresses of MTB-ing.

Felix e6100
Photo: Linus Bikes
So, what’s going on with this one? Well, to kick things off, let me point out that the frame is built from 6061 aluminum; that’s standard if you ask me., but what isn’t is the frame shape. Bringing back the classic bicycle feel is that long and flowing top tube that blends beautifully into the seat stays. It has that beach cruiser feel to it, and the seat and tires complete the style. As for the handlebars, you’ll find a more modern style to help with stability at high speeds.

Styling and all that aside, this is an e-bike, and with that, we must look at the electric components Linus chose to throw on this bugger. Mounted at the center of the bike is a Shimano Steps motor, the E6100, which also gives this bike its name. Since the manufacturer’s website makes no mention of the motor specs or range, I had to check with Shimano, and surprisingly, this motor crunches out 60 Nm (44.2 lb-ft) of torque and can reach the speed levels set in place by your local laws and regulations.

Here’s where I was a bit blown away with this drive system. According to Shimano, their largest battery is said to pull off a range of 185 kilometers (115 miles) in Eco mode, and since the Felix is equipped with 418 Wh, you do the math. You should still be able to reach a solid 120 kilometers (75 miles) with a charge, assuming road conditions are optimal. Best of all, it appears to be a removable battery, so you can pick up an extra one and double your range.

Felix e6100 Drivetrain
Photo: Linus Bikes
Speaking of road conditions, I mentioned that this bugger is designed for the urban setting, and with that come even more perks. The images in the gallery showcase a fully equipped Felix, but for the bucks you’ll initially dish out, you’ll only receive fenders on it. Lighting and the cargo racks are extra, but once you’ve added those two features, the ability to carry cargo, and to do it safely, will be unlocked.

At the end of the day, Linus isn’t the only crew working on bringing back the good ol’ days of cycling, but clearly with a twist because I doubt that grandma and grandpa had electric power strapped between their legs. Just a little something-something to consider if you’re looking for a vintage-style e-bike.
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