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Kick Off Your Offspring's E-MTB Career With an Adult-Like Twenty4 E Mountain-Ready Machine
Let's face it, the world isn't just full of adults. With that said, I've decided to shed light on a bicycle that's not meant for your average gold medalist but for those who strive to someday bring home their own medal, children.

Kick Off Your Offspring's E-MTB Career With an Adult-Like Twenty4 E Mountain-Ready Machine

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However, there's been a massive boom of attention upon a different kind of cycling, e-biking, and who's to say that kids shouldn't be able to partake in some of the same pleasures as adults. After all, in just a few years, your little rugrat may very well be driving your car and even have a better-paying job than you do, and that's something to be proud of.

One way to show that you trust your child's ability to handle an eco-friendly two-wheeler is to entrust them with a machine that is up to par with the sort of gear you ride, just smaller. That's precisely where the Twenty4 E, from Bulls Bikes, comes in; it's a machine ready to help your child grasp what's around the corner for them in just a couple of years. After all, they'll outgrow this one eventually. But until then, here's what $3,500 (€3,400 at current exchange rates) can bring your child's cycling pleasure.

What I found rather neat about the Twenty4 is that it's powered by an e-bike powerhouse most of us are aware of, Bosch, and that's really what sets this "children's" bike apart from most, if not all, that are on the market at this time. Mounted in the middle of the bike sits a Bosch Active Line Plus running under 250 watts. As per the Bulls' website, this puppy will be pulling your kid around with speeds limited to 15.5 mph (25 kph). Enough to give them a proper taste of what the future of their cycling career is to bring.

Now, I haven't had the opportunity to study the Active Line Plus motor in-depth, but according to Bulls, when coupled with a 500 Wh Bosch PowerPack, this sucker is supposed to crunch out up to 134 miles (215 kilometers) of range on just one charge. Sounds impressive, but I feel that this calculation is based on two batteries, even though the manufacturer's website doesn't clear up this aspect. Of course, this depends on endless factors such as road conditions, rider weight, cargo, and tire pressure.

That's all then mounted to an aluminum frame and adorned with a Shimano drivetrain. While most kids and even adults have grown up with a 2x or 3x drivetrain, Bulls decided to take things to the next level and dropped an 8-speed cassette with an 11-34T range. Sure, it may not be what we bigger folk use to climb and descend, but don't worry, your runts probably have more energy than you do, as you know if you have offspring. Altus shifters and an Alivio RD-M310 derailleur complete this setup.

Actually, this isn't the end of this story. Most other components like handlebar, stem, and all that jazz, are covered by Styx, while a pair of 24-inch Schwalbe Black Jack tires hint at where this EV got its name. However, the real treat your kid will find is the SR XCT with 80 millimeters (3.15 inches) of travel, the sort of gear destined for singletrack and light XC use. Altogether, you're looking at a trinket weighing in at 45.3 lbs (20.5 kg), so your kiddo may need to be in some decent shape to whip this around.

As for the minds behind this puppy, it's the same Bulls that saw its start in Cologne, Germany, back in 1995. Considering that's before even some of our readers were born, it stands as a testament to this crew's approach to cycling, one that's kept them alive in a very cutthroat industry. How did they do it? Simply by building bikes champions can depend on, and I think we can say your very own little champ can too.

At the end of the day, it may come across as an expensive bicycle for a kid, but then again, it's the sort of machine meant to teach your kids the lessons they'll need later on in the cycling game. Heck, they won't even be changing the drivetrain supplier as Bosch is right at the top of this industry. Something to consider for your blooming seedlings.

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