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FedEx Driver Finds Toddler Under His Truck as He Delivers Packages

One FedEx driver got the scare of a lifetime when, on his route to deliver packages, he stumbled – almost literally so – across a toddler. The unattended child had crawled under his truck just as he was about to leave and it was pure chance that prevented him from running her over.
FedEx driver finds toddler under truck during stop, warns mother to be more careful next time 5 photos
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Byron Nash documented the entire thing on camera and posted the footage to social media at the end of last week. It’s gone viral since, sparking a heated debate on parenting and whether the child’s parents should be somehow punished for this kind of negligence.

As far as he’s concerned, Nash says he’s happy the incident had a happy ending. As he tells the mother in the video, he was lucky that a dog had also crawled under the truck. He bent over to see if it had gotten out, which is when she saw the baby girl. She eventually crawled under the truck and stopped at one of the front wheels, before Nash picked her up and went to find her mother.

“This baby was crawling outside under my truck after my truck was parked to make a delivery, luckily I seen her before I backed out. No supervision in site [sic],” Nash writes in the description of the video.

It was shot in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The delivery man eventually finds the mother, who apologizes by saying she and her daughter are living in her mother’s house, and she seems to have an aversion to closed doors or windows. She also admits to owning a playpen, but doesn’t say why she’s not using it.

Nash warns her once more to be more careful and hands her her parcel, before returning to his truck and leaving. His purpose in making the incident public seems to be one of warning fellow drivers to be more alert about their surroundings, and partly to shame the mother for her inattention.


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