Manure Truck Backs Into McDonald's Drive-Tru, Driver Gets a Coke

If you drive a manure truck all day, you might as well have some fun with it when all the work is done. That must have been on the mind of a couple of teens from York, UK, who drove a JCB into a McDonald's Drive-Thru to order a Coke.
Manure truck rolls into McDonald's Drive-Thru for hilarious prank 8 photos
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We’ll let it slip that no one goes at the Drive-Thru just for a Coke, because the story is too funny. Rob Campey is a self-employed contractor and he was the one at the wheel of the JCB on the night in question, LadBible reports.

He was also the one with the idea to take the manure truck to the McD’s Drive-Thru and see whether they can get any service. His pal, Sam Wakes, agreed to take the wheel so Paul could film the whole thing. You can see the video at the bottom of the page.

As you can see, Sam actually had to back the JCB towards the windows to place his order and then to retrieve it, because the driver seat on the truck was on the wrong side. Paul could hardly stop laughing as he filmed his friend – and the reaction from McD’s employees was similar.

“I was driving the JCB but Sam wanted to go round the drive-thru so took the keys and did it. He ordered a drink and the McDonald's staff loved it,” Paul says. “He ordered a medium coke costing about £1.20 it was about 8pm and we had an hour's trek back to the yard.”

After they had their fun, they got back into the truck and started the rather long journey home. A McDonald’s spokesperson says that the teens would have been served either way. So if they were hoping to capture some kind of drama on camera, they had come to wrong place.

“As the vehicle was within restrictions and roadworthy, the driver was served without issue,” says the spokesperson in a statement. “It was probably the easiest thing they picked up all day.”

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