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Dacia Duster Celebrates Two Million Global Sales, Still Is the Most Affordable SUV

Dacia announced that its Duster has reached an impressive sales milestone. The SUV has hit two million units sold in its career. Launched in 2010, the SUV has since reached its second generation, and it still sells like hot cake.
2,000,000 Dacia Duster units sold – infographic 6 photos
2,000,000 Dacia Duster units sold - infographic2,000,000 Dacia Duster units sold - infographic2,000,000 Dacia Duster units sold - infographic2,000,000 Dacia Duster units sold - infographic2,000,000 Dacia Duster units sold - infographic
In the dozen years that have passed since the first Dacia Duster left the factory, the Renault-owned brand has introduced its SUV to almost 60 countries around the world. One could only wonder how well it could do if it were available on the North American continent.

Initially, Dacia's Duster was developed from scratch to become a robust and versatile vehicle with off-road ability. It was facelifted three years after its debut, and the first generation was offered for seven years.

The second generation brought the first twin-clutch automatic gearbox in the range, but the models' critics are still upset it cannot be ordered with 4WD along with the automatic.

Dacia and Renault's representatives have explained, time after time, that the resulting model would be too expensive, and that the EDC gearbox in question is incompatible with the company's four-wheel drive system.

To mark the occasion of two million Duster units sold, Dacia has made a few infographics on a funny note to underline just how many Duster units it made, and what would happen if all were put on top of each other on one after the other. According to Dacia's estimates, two million Duster units would occupy more than 2,100 football pitches.

The same calculations show that sacking two million Dacia Duster models on top of each other would create a mountain that is 380 times taller than Mt. Everest. If all the vehicles in question were placed one in front of the other, they would be enough to ensure a round trip from Helsinki (Finland) to Ankara (Turkey), without ever moving.

On average, a new Duster leaves Dacia's production line at the company's factory in Romania every 63 seconds. It also means an average of 1,000 Duster units built in a day. And it also means that the company requires an estimated 2,000 days (about 5 and a half years) to build two million Duster units, if you want to reverse the math a bit.

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