Dacia Unveils World's First Mud Wash, Will Make Your Car Dirty for Free

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Dacia Mud washDacia Mud washDacia Mud washDacia Mud washDacia Mud wash
Dacia has launched the world's first mud wash in an attempt to make Brits "adventure-ready" in the new year. The thinking behind the concept is that almost half of the drivers of vehicles with four-wheel drive have never taken their car off-road. Dacia wants to change that for Duster owners at least.
The value-oriented brand has ordered surveys on various topics related to adventure, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and how often people wash their cars. Over a third of respondents admitted that the closest they have ever been to off-roading is negotiating the speed bumps on their way to dropping off their kids at school.

Moreover, one in ten Brits felt that their family is "not very adventurous," while just 17 percent of over 1,000 people said that they wished they could be more adventurous in their 4×4 vehicle. As it turns out, 19 percent have never even driven their vehicles on a dirt track, and four in ten people have never driven their vehicles off-road.

While it is not exactly news that owners of vehicles with four-wheel drive never do any off-roading, Dacia wants to plant the seed of change into the minds of Brits. According to the same survey, 22 percent of British drivers admit to washing their cars once a week. Someone in the advertising department figured out that this could be seen from a different angle and proposed a "mud wash."

It will have limited availability, though, but that does not mean that Dacia's "anti-clean team" will not apply mud "literally and skillfully" to vehicles. Those interested need to pre-book appointments to Dacia London West between 11 am and 2 pm on January 18, 2022, but they need to sign up online on a dedicated page by January 12th, 2022.

Dacia's research team has also found that 46 percent of owners of four-wheel-drive vehicles want to go on a road trip this year. Seaside adventures are the most popular thing people want to do (please do not drive on the beach, though), while countryside drivers are second-most popular.

For people interested in adventure in the UK, Dacia has prepped a "mucket list" that is full of ideas. It starts with wild camping in Dartmoor, Devon, but also includes things like surfing lessons at Fistral Beach, sea kayaking in North Wales, trekking in Northumberland, and many others.

Dacia's Duster has proven itself to be capable in off-road even in stock form, but that is not the only reason why it became the most popular SUV for retail sales in Europe. It is also the most affordable in its class.

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Editor's note: For illustration purposes, a video of a Dacia Duster being driven in off-road conditions has been embedded in the article, but it was made by a Dacia customer, not by the Romanian brand.

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