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Custom Racer Cruiser Elida Nicely Blends Modern and Classic Yacht Design

Designing watercraft that bring together classic and modern features might seem like a challenging skill to perfect. However, when you have experience working as a designer for the British America’s Cup team, the task might not seem that daunting.
Elida racer cruiser was desgined by Thomas Tison for a German client 7 photos
Elida racer cruiser designed by Thomas TisonElida racer cruiser designed by Thomas TisonElida racer cruiser designed by Thomas TisonElida racer cruiser designed by Thomas TisonElida racer cruiser designed by Thomas TisonElida racer cruiser designed by Thomas Tison
One of the perks of custom yacht designs is that the client gets to participate with their own input and end up with a very personal vessel.

Mixing the virtues of classic naval architecture with the most recent technical achievements in terms of construction and equipment, Elida is just that, a unique, elegant wooden sailboat that is sure to catch your eye.

The owner requested a family yacht for cruising and racing inspired by the German high-speed dinghies and the spirit of classic yachts, and French naval architect Thomas Tison did his best to meet his requirements.

“This is a boat for a family that loves to race and already owns a Swan 48. It’s a break from boats that are only used for racing. I introduced technical content, inspired by the America’s Cup. We also thought about the long term, creating a boat that keeps its value and can be passed on to the next generations,” Thomas Tison explains.

The end result is Elida, a beautiful wooden sailing boat measuring 49 feet or 14.75 meters and weighing 17,100 lbs (7760 kg). It features a prominently flared superstructure and blends curved and tensed lines.

The hull of the vessel was made using light Alaskan spruce wood reinforced with woven carbon fiber. It includes four layers of Alaskan wood and is wrapped in a thin layer of varnished mahogany. A unique construction method was developed to achieve the light yet stiff frame, and Tison even tested the material’s strength at an Airbus facility.

A new lifting keel system made it possible to reduce the draft from 10.5 feet to just eight feet (3.2 to 2.4), while hydrodynamic refinements one might find on the most advanced racing yachts will make Elida a worthy contender whilst racing.

In terms of performance, the designer claims Elida is able to surf at speeds nearing 30 knots (55.5 kph/34.5 mph) in adequate conditions. And this was a very important point to tick on the client’s requirements list, as he plans to compete in the prestigious Fastnet Race and other regattas.

Inside, the owner requested a comfortable space for his family. The layout has been opened up to make the interior look spacious and airy. The cabins are located at the back of the ship, allowing for uninterrupted ocean views, and are linked to the main living area. The chart table is located behind the companionway, making space for storage and a garage.

“The key to realizing the owner’s vision is having an in-depth understanding of his underlying needs,” Tison mentioned. “Even though it’s a process that takes time, this deep exploration allows us to come up with unique solutions for creating unique boats.”

Elida went on its maiden sail on July 31st in Germany and is now on its way to its owner.

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