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CGI Audi RS 8 Coupe Threatens to Do a C217 S-Class Trick on BMW's Rivaling M8

Mercedes-Benz has abandoned the luxury S-Class coupe/cabriolet battle after just one generation. No worries, though, automotive virtual artists are ready to pick up the CGI sword for them.
Audi RS 8 Coupe rendering by 11 photos
Audi RS 8 Coupe rendering by j.b.carsAudi RS 8 Coupe rendering by j.b.cars2022 Audi A82022 Audi A82022 Audi A82022 Audi A82022 Audi S82022 Audi S82022 Audi S82022 Audi S8
Right now, via its Affalterbach-based high-performance subsidiary, Mercedes is treating us to more battery-powered AMGs to keep the feisty yet boring EQS company. The EQE 43 and 53 may or may not look exactly like traditional saloons, but they sure have four doors.

So, we really cannot call either the EQE or EQS as quick spiritual successors for the previous-generation S-Class Coupe. It lived a noticeably short and unfruitful life and then gave way to an exclusive S-Class sedan successor. Oh, and it also paved the way for BMW 8 Series domination.

Now, even as Audi is looking to streamline its A8 and S8 offerings, an automotive virtual artist thought it fitting to pick up the CGI sword and deliver an Ingolstadt-based measured response if Mercedes does not want to. Naturally, the pixel master better known as on social media gives us mere digital food for thought.

We already know it is merely wishful thinking. Still, we cannot help but wonder why the virtual realm is always less boring than the real world... Anyway, even the subtle Audi A8/S8 of the D5 iteration manages to look a bit more intriguing than the new EQE AMGs. Alas, that is probably courtesy of the digital switch from a traditional saloon form to a two-door Coupe body life of the RS variety.

Well, that is more like it, as the BMW M8 would really get a proper contender to help it elevate its domineering luxury game... So, what powertrain should we dream of? An expansion upon S8’s 4.0-liter V8 that would jump to around 700 horsepower? Or something even feistier? Do we even dare to imagine such extreme ICE audacities anymore?

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of 2022 Audi A8/S8 refresh.


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