C8 Corvette "Shorty" Is the First Air Suspension Build, Adaptive Dampers Work

Sure, you can gift your C8 Corvette with a straight pipe and you'll make your neighbors angry, but what can you do to antagonize purists across the world? Fit an air suspension, that should do the trick!
First bagged C8 Corvette 8 photos
First bagged C8 CorvetteFirst bagged C8 CorvetteFirst bagged C8 CorvetteFirst bagged C8 CorvetteFirst bagged C8 CorvetteFirst bagged C8 CorvetteFirst bagged C8 Corvette
On a more serious note, we're looking at the world's first #bagged 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, with work on the now-closer-to-the-ground midship monster having been completed earlier this week.

The tech shenanigan was handled by Arizona-based Air Ride Equipment and, to briefly return to the idea dropped in the intro, their YouTube clip showcasing the project, which awaits you below, has its comments disabled.

Nevertheless, while the springs of the C8 Corvette Stingray have been replaced, the optional magnetorheological adaptive dampers of the machine remain in place, so the suspension will continue to do its tricks once the one behind the wheel leaves the "pose level" we see here behind.

As for the air tank, this was fitted in the small luggage compartment at the rear of the vehicle, so the frunk can still be used for daily chores.

Chevrolet engineers introduced a surprisingly wide range of adjustment for the factory suspension of the 2020 Corvette. And while playing with the OEM hardware for track handling duties (think: wheel alignment) rather than attacking the ride height might seem like a more appealing choice to some, we can't ignore the riding-low tuning subculture, especially since this appears to increase its fan base with each new season. To this end, the C8 Corvette simply took over from the Mk V Supra, which was last year's #bagged fetish.

Oh, and yes, you can expect this mid-engined Chevy example to receive a set of custom shoes soon. In fact, once we can leave the current global crisis behind, you can expect to see an explosion of C8 'Vette builds.

There will be those wishing to twin-turbo the hell out of the Chevy's 6.2-liter LT2, which will obviously bring a serious reduction in quarter-mile times compared to the current mid-10s runs delivered by nitrous-fed examples.

And, since we're looking at a bend tackler here, we can't wait to see what the time attack tribe has in store for us.

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Here is the WORLDS  FIRST GC8 CORVETTE — ON AIR SUSPENSION  Yes it’s true my C8 Corvette is really the one and only worlds 1st C8 Corvette on Full Air Suspension. This worlds first C8 Corvette on Full Air Suspension was installed by the worlds BEST installation shop / team. That shop and team are @airrideequipment and @airrideequipment_sal. There are more photos and videos to come. Along with many other modifications that are currently in the works. These absolutely amazing photos were taken by @destroyer.707 ---------------------------------------------------------- CALLING ALL SPONSORS!! PLEASE DM ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH ME ON MY C8 SEMA BUILD!! ---------------------------------------------------------- °— MY CAMARO IS FOR SALE —° PLEASE DM ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. THANKS ---------------------------------------------------------- MY TEAM / SPONSORS / CORVETTE: Suspension: @airrideequipment Tire Decals: @tirestickers Suspension: @air_lift_performance Mechanic: @wowautocare Window Tint: @the_tint_lab Detailer: ---------------------------------------------------------- #chevy #chevrolet #c8 #c8corvette #americanmuscle #musclecar #sportscar #chevyguy #chevyrunsdeep #v8 #caroftheday #bowtietillidie #chevycorvette #carlifestyle #amazingcars247 #2020corvette #chevroletperformance #midengine #midenginecorvette #chevroletcorvette

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