Bugatti's Gift Guide for the Holidays Is Here, Picking a Great Present Just Got Simpler

If you want to give a fantastic gift during the upcoming Holidays, you may want to start ordering one (or more!) as soon as possible. Also, you don’t need to worry about having picky friends or relatives this year – Bugatti’s curators have put together a couple of great suggestions!
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Bugatti Gift Guide IdeaBugatti Gift Guide IdeaBugatti Gift Guide IdeaBugatti Gift Guide IdeaBugatti Gift Guide IdeaBugatti Gift Guide Idea
We can’t think of someone on this Earth that has not heard about the German-owned French automaker that could be best characterized as boundaryless. Bugatti is not just another car brand, no. It is proof that when you want to overcome your limits, all you have to do is work harder and challenge the current state of affairs.

At the same time, Bugatti is known for providing some lucky and well-off customers with vehicles that are absurdly expensive for your average Joe and plain Jane. But selling such excellent automobiles is not an easy thing to do when your pricing starts above the $1 million mark. People with money know what they should expect and do not compromise. Given the carmaker’s success and looking at its ability to continue innovating despite all that’s going on in the world, we can’t just ignore its gift guide for this year’s holiday period.

Bugatti picked a couple of exquisite suggestions for customers and enthusiasts. Surprisingly, the brand’s ideas for what constitutes a great present are not that expensive when compared with, let’s say, a complete set of wheels.

So, if someone you like very much or love is a Bugatti customer or fan, then maybe the Lalique “Dancing Elephant” limited-edition handcrafted statue could be a good choice. It’s currently priced at €15,000 ($15,364), and only 35 were made. It can’t be bought online, unfortunately. All you can do is ask for more details.

Art continues to evolve alongside human society, so it was only natural for Buben Zorweg to create a safe that can double as a cool house decoration. It’s heavy, shielded from some radio waves, has biometric access features, comes with a fancy clock (Flying Minute Tourbillon), and doesn’t attract any nefarious attention. But what good is art if there is no way to augment human feelings? That’s why Bugatti also suggests a vintage champagne bottle, reminiscing of Bolide’s exterior look.

Measuring each second when your foot is heavy on the acceleration can also be done in style with the “Jean Bugatti” timepiece, which is a natural occurrence after the automaker collaborated on numerous occasions with the famous watchmaker Jacob & Co.

Not weighing too much is something hypercars need to accomplish somehow, even though they need to have a lot of technology, safety, and various other features on board. Enter carbon fiber – the miracle material. You could gift someone the “Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition” smartwatch that is able to run for up to 15 days on a charge.

Last but not least, shoes! Everybody needs them, so why not make a good impression with a pair from the French automaker? The “UYN for Bugatti” comes with bio-based fiber and a dual ventilation system. It’s light, available in multiple colors, and comes with a guarantee for the “optimal micro-climate for the foot.”

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