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Bugatti Chiron OEM Front End for Sale in the U.S., Costs a Ridiculous Amount of Money

Want to feel poor again? If so, then you have come to the right place, as we just stumbled upon an all-original (or so it seems anyway) front end of the Bugatti Chiron that is up for grabs in our market.
Bugatti Chiron face 6 photos
Bugatti Chiron faceBugatti Chiron faceBugatti Chiron faceBugatti Chiron faceBugatti Chiron face
Well, truth be told, the peeps at TheSupercarBlog were the ones who found it, and these parts are so expensive that we just had to share them with you. Ready to talk Benjamins? Okay, you may want to sit down for this one, as you are looking at $1 shy of the $400,000 mark.

According to the vendor on parts4usa, the entire face is OEM and suits the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+. It comprises the front hood, complete with the bumper, spoiler lip, and two fenders. Wearing the official branding on the inside, the parts are said to be brand new, and the absurd sum mentioned above includes shipping and handling.

For such a rare machine, there are certainly a lot of parts for it listed online at any given moment. Earlier this month, we found more of them, including a front hood that was listed for nearly $180,000, engine cover for $95,000, and a grille and lower section of the bumper for $77,000. For the rear wing, interested parties have to pay almost $14,000, and for the rear bumper, diffuser, and side skirts, you are looking at $74,000, $56,0000, and over $24,000, respectively.

No matter which modern Bugatti we are talking about, everything is eye-watering expensive. Another example came from that set of original wheels belonging to a Veyron, which was accompanied by a buy-it-now price of $27,500. Well, it’s not exactly ‘was’ but rather ‘still is,’ because, at the time of writing, no one made it theirs, and that’s hardly a surprise, as for that kind of cash, you could get a brand-new Mustang from Ford, albeit the EcoBoost, with no options whatsoever.


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