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Update: Bugatti Chiron Gets "Unboxed," Looks Like a Panda

Even though there will eventually be hundreds of these hypercars all over the world, every Bugatti Chiron is special right now. After all, not even Mayweather has his yet!
Bugatti Chiron Gets Middle-Eastern "Unboxing," Looks Like a Panda 4 photos
Bugatti Chiron Gets Middle-Eastern "Unboxing," Looks Like a PandaBugatti Chiron Gets Middle-Eastern "Unboxing," Looks Like a PandaBugatti Chiron Gets Middle-Eastern "Unboxing," Looks Like a Panda
Because of the massive buttresses and the C-shape they define, two-tone Chirons look awesome. We've seen classy combinations like white and blue or metallic mocha and dark brown. But this is probably the first black and white example.

We think it looks just like a panda bear, but not in a Furrari kind of way. It also somehow stays away from looking like a police car, though with a price tag of around $3 million, the paint finish can't possibly remember a cruiser's. You could buy something like 300 Dacia cars with that kind of money.

The impressive W16 car belongs to one Yazeed Al-Rajhi, and you probably already hate him for owning the Chiron at the age of 36, but we find him to be one of the most deserving hypercar customers. As a rally driver, he's competed in both the IRC and the WRC since 2008. There's also a racing team with his name on it that entered something vaguely resembling a MINI in the 2015 Dakar. Did we mention he also does a lot of charity work?

White and black seems to be a favorite color combination of his because there's also a matching Bentley Bentayga that was just delivered. But getting back to the Chiron, we'll once again mention that it loves corners a whole lot more than its predecessor.

It's still got a W16 engine, an 8-liter producing 1,500 PS and yacht levels of torque (not figurative). The 0 to 60mh sprint supposedly takes 2.5 seconds, and the top speed is 261 mph (420 km/h), though there's talk that it could go faster still. That's not bad when you consider it weighs about as much as the base Audi Q7 model: 1,995 kilograms (4398 lbs). Did we mention the tub is made from carbon fiber?

Update: the Panda Chiron is already in Cannes... obviously. Seems it was bought just in time for the summer migration to Europe. Here are some videos to prove it.

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