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Britney Spears’ Father Controls Her $60 Million Fortune, Lives in a Dutchmen RV

Despite her troubled years and the fact that she stopped touring or doing media interviews a while back, Britney Spears remains one of the highest-selling artists in pop. Britney Spears is also famously powerless and not allowed to get a manicure if her father doesn’t approve it first.
Britney Spears's father Jamie, who controls her entire estate, lives out of a Dutchmen Denali RV 1 photo
Spears’s father Jamie is, to put it differently, the man who pulls the strings regarding every business and personal decision she makes and who controls the entirety of her $60 million fortune. He serves as conservator for his daughter and has done so for the last 13 years, during which time he pocketed $16,000 per month in salary and an additional $2,000 a month for office space.

It might come as a surprise then that Jamie Spears lives out of an RV. It’s a large and complete solution, the Dutchmen Denali Fifth-Wheel, but it’s an RV no less.

Last week, as another conservatorship hearing in Spears’s case was looming, the New York Times reported that Jamie had sold the family home in Louisiana and had moved into an RV at a trailer park on the outskirts of Kentwood. Photos have since emerged to confirm the report or, at the very least, that second part.

Indeed, Jamie Spears, the father of the Princess of Pop herself, lives out of his RV. The initial report claimed that the trailer park was close to a storage facility where he kept most of the Britney memorabilia he’s amassed over the years.

The Dutchmen Denali Fifth-Wheel, like the other Dutchmen models, comes with several floor plans and a myriad of options to choose from and get the ideal home. Regardless of the model and the number of slide-outs, a Denali Fifth-Wheel sleeps a minimum of six and a maximum of ten people and presents itself as a complete solution either for a short vacation or seasonal RV-ing and even as a permanent living solution. A used Denali Fifth-Wheel sells on average for $30,000, so it's not painfully expensive, either.

While it might be surprising to hear that a multi-millionaire’s father, who virtually calls all the shots regarding those multi-millions, lives out of an RV, Jamie Spears is definitely not lacking comfort.


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