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BMW X4 M Rendering Looks Ready for GLC 63 Coupe

The Grand Tour just proved that performance SUVs are stupid. The Stelvio QV and Macan Turbo both went into limp mode after just a few seconds of off-roading. However, that won't stop BMW from launching their own rival, the X4 M.
BMW X4 M Rendering Looks Ready for GLC 63 Coupe 1 photo
It's all about strutting your stuff. Just like a bodybuilder who looks like he could kick everyone's backside but never acts on it, the X4 M is about the potential to go fast in difficult terrain conditions.

Nobody will ever risk damaging the paint. In fact, we bet that some owner will even carry wet wipes to clean the dust off the wheels and exhaust.

Anyway, after selling 200,000 units of the first X4, BMW has just launched the all-new generation. Can you believe they sold that many? That's about 2/3 of all the Teslas in the world for an SUV with an ugly chopped backside.

Even at launch, this new X4 wears the M Performance badge, applied to both the M40i and the M40d. Both have 3-liter inline-6 engines, as will the X4 M.

From what we know, the engine in question is called S58 and will debut in the X3 M with around 450-460 horsepower. This will be sent to a tail-happy xDrive system via an 8-speed ZF automatic.

It's a pretty small engine with not that much power, especially considering the V8-powered GLC 63 S Coupe, so BMW had better get the exhaust tuning right the first time. There's also the potential for a 550 horsepower Jaguar F-Pace SVR.

Wondering what $80,000 worth of M SUV looks like? Well, here's a rendering by X-Tomi Design. To get the X4 looking even sportier, he lowered the suspension, made the wheels black and changed the bumper.

Somehow, we feel that it's not a close enough match to the X4 M spyshots. But nobody knows for sure what this thing will look like, especially since the X2's M Sport pack is such a design mess.


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