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BMW Blitzkrieg Half Year EV Sales by 110% Amid Overall Downfalls

And yet the press release brags a more-than-double growth over last year’s first half when it comes to BEVs. With a little under 76,000 units sold, the Germans enjoy a 110% increase for these cars’ sales numbers.
BMW i4 M50 7 photos
Largely thanks to the high demand from Asia (China alone boosted BEV sales by 75% for BMW), but also from the manufacturer’s domestic market (almost 31% increase in Germany sales). And with the rising demand for electric cars, there is plenty of room for optimism.

Sales reports backed high hopes for BMW for 2022, which aims to double the year overall sales for Battery Electric Vehicles. And with over 34,000 orders for the i4 in Europe alone, what’s not to be confident about? And BMW put their cars where their mouth is: i3, iX1, and the all-new all-electric luxury sedan i7 supplement the BEV options from the Munich automotive giant (check at the bottom for video of the car driving itself around the factory).

Speaking of the new i7 - it just went into series production this month at the Dingolfing plant in Bavaria. Moreover, the next year is also rich with all-electric goodies: the i5 will be accompanied by a MINI-Countryman and Rool-Royce Spectre. This opulence gives the Germans enough courage to claim that they will surpass the two million BEV worldwide by the end of 2025. A year that will also bring a brand-new class of electric BMWs, practically named Neue Klasse (yes, that is German for New Class). This pays homage to the game-changing original Neue Klasse of six decades ago.

Otherwise, the overall group sales of BMW went down in these first six months. And the Q2 2022 reports look even grimmer: almost 20% lower than the same period of the historically-record high of 2021. Except for electric vehicles and Rolls-Royce, everything else on the BMW executives’ sales charts is in the red. The March premiere of the new M50 i4 was a success, but not enough to boost the Performance division's figures above last year's.

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