BizZon Study Is a Futuristic Support Vehicle Armies Everywhere Could Use One Day

Humankind seems to be capable of all sorts of cool ideas. Some, however, are made for destruction, be it in a video game or real life.
BizZon Support Vehicle 8 photos
Photo: Roman Zhuravlyov
BizZon Support VehicleBizZon Support VehicleBizZon Support VehicleBizZon Support VehicleBizZon Support VehicleBizZon Support VehicleBizZon Support Vehicle
Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re looking at is a next-generation army vehicle bent on offering support to infantry troops everywhere. Now, this design is from one Roman Zhuravlyov of Donetsk, Russia. Before you get upset about how you’re looking at a tool made for destroying lives, don’t. What you see is only a concept and will remain that way until someone invests millions of dollars to bring it to an actual battlefield. At best, you’ll end up seeing this in the next video game.

It’s been dubbed the BizZon by its creator, and even though it doesn’t offer much of a physical resemblance to the iconic beast, it does have its spirit. The BizZon envisions a ground attack vehicle meant to offer support to military installations and infantry.

Other than the images you see in the gallery, we were unable to acquire any more information regarding the concept, so what you see is really all you get. But this isn’t stopping anyone from dreaming a bit about what’s going on here. To make things easier for you to understand, the journey begins from the ground up.

BizZon Support Vehicle
Photo: Roman Zhuravliov
The wheels are the first thing you’ll notice. Where have you seen a similar design before? Well, if you look closely, you’ll see that the tires include some spaces in the sidewalls. Since you’ve been keeping up with recent trends in wheel technology, you know that airless is the way things are headed. That’s exactly what you see here, airless wheels that are not prone to flats or blowouts, and should even function with bits and pieces missing. If you haven’t heard of the Uptis from Michelin, click here to read more as they’ve been announced for launch by 2024.

At the rear, a dual axle placement is surely there due to the amount of weaponry sitting on top. Speaking of weaponry, try and take a guess as to what you might find upon a futuristic vehicle such as this. If you’ve up to speed with military weaponry, rail guns are some of the most powerful weapons currently being developed.

Rail guns can produce immense amounts of power and transfer that power into a projectile that is propelled electromagnetically. This means the weapon requires nothing more than electricity and projectiles to function. Electrically driven cars, bikes, and even weapons; this seems to be where society is headed. Knowing how the army is always one step ahead, they’re probably using tech you’ll find out about in 50 years or so. Then again, it could just be some machine gun capable of dumping hundreds of rounds a minute.

BizZon Support Vehicle
Photo: Roman Zhuravliov
The next set of armaments aboard the BizZon consists of rockets. Of course, there’s rockets; when’s the last time you’ve seen a military support vehicle missing rockets? Heck, even the infantry has rocket launchers. Now, as for what sort of rockets, that remains a mystery. They're just there to make things go boom, I guess.

The neat thing about the weaponry aboard this vehicle is how they are stored when not in use. To offer a flat surface able to deflect incoming projectiles, weapons are lowered into the body of the BizZon, protecting possible exposed elements.

One of the images in the gallery shows a size comparison to a human. If you’re having trouble finding that image, know that a human of average height is actually smaller than the diameter of the wheels. Yes, that’s a big vehicle.

Whether you’ll ever see this vehicle on a battlefield is a matter of luck. With the number of designers armies worldwide deploy, the chances of this rendering being everything the next world power needs are slim. But the chances of this ending up in a video game is just a matter of some e-mails.
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