Australian Lifestyle 7200NLR Is the Muse for Your Next Tiny House Project

In our search for a mobile dwelling that can offer the comforts of home without feeling like you donated a kidney just to own, we've arrived in Australia, a land known for an unforgiving landscape.
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Just like travel trailers, vehicles, and anything else to come out of Australia, Designer Eco Tiny Homes is a crew known for building safe, comfortable, and most importantly, affordable homes capable of enduring your adventurous lifestyle.

If you don't know who this team may be and what they can do, after you get to know the Lifestyle Series 7200NLR tiny house, you may very well head down to Aussieland for a new home.

First off, this home is priced at 104,500 AUD, that about 75,806 USD at current exchange rates. In comparison to RVs and other mobile living machines, that's pretty dang good, considering you have all the comforts of home. Time to see how they do tiny homes down in Australia.

Lifestyle Series 7200NLR
First of all, Designer Eco is the sort of team that offers its customers an array of options when building such a structure. That said, you're able to customize your 7200NLR however you like. But, be prepared with extra cash if you wish to do so.

Now, that $76K is going to buy you a home with a length of 720 cm (23.6 ft), a width of 240 cm (7.87 ft), and a height of 385 cm (12.6 ft). Yup, it's a home, alright. This is also one of Designer Eco's single-level homes, meaning everything is found on ground level.

Because you can customize 7200, you can choose a single, double, or queen bedroom. Even though you're on ground level, the bedroom is surrounded by three massive windows, helping fill the area with natural light. Space for nightstands and any other decor you want is also available. Nothing about under-bed storage.

Lifestyle Series 7200NLR Bedroom
Towards the opposite end of the house, you'll enter the living room, fitted with a modular couch, if you choose, and large patio doors that let you step outside with ease. Even though there's no info whatsoever on the manufacturer's website about what sort of features you'll find inside, the images in the gallery should do one heck of a job revealing what's possible.

The kitchen is one space we can see fit with home-sized features and appliances. A three-burner top, oven, ventilation hood, and plenty of cabinetry give the impression that this is no RV-style home. There looks to be room for a washer/dryer combo too.

Finally, the bathroom is one area where I see no problems whatsoever. From the composting toilet to the large shower booth, you'll feel comfortable and clean no matter where you've been adventuring. Vanity and linen racks are in place too.

Lifestyle Series 7200NLR Kitchen
One aspect I found rather nice is the high roof in place. Not only does it open up the space, giving you an airy feeling, but it also acts as a place where you can install extra cabinetry or anything else you may need on your adventures. At the very top, a skylight lets natural light inside.

Like most other tiny homes on the market, 7200NLR is set up on a three-axle trailer with four stabilizer legs. To support heavy loads like these, that trailer is probably steel. No mention regarding the framing and siding of this home. Those are features you'll need to talk to Designer Eco about. But we are told that this structure features a GVM of 4,500 kg (9,920 lbs). Better get that towing rig out.

Sure, you may need to travel to Australia just to pick up this tiny house. Or, you can simply use Lifestyle Series 7200NLR as inspiration for your own local tiny house project. Something to consider if you're looking to join the adventure lifestyle.


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