Aston Martin DB12, S-Class, and Camaro Look Cheap With CGI Black Plastic Body Cladding

Aston Martin DB12, S-Class, and 2024 Camaro CGI base spec 6 photos
Photo: a.c.g_design / Instagram
Aston Martin DB12, S-Class, and 2024 Camaro CGI base specAston Martin DB12, S-Class, and 2024 Camaro CGI base specAston Martin DB12, S-Class, and 2024 Camaro CGI base specAston Martin DB12, S-Class, and 2024 Camaro CGI base specAston Martin DB12, S-Class, and 2024 Camaro CGI base spec
Look at rugged off-roaders like the Ford Bronco Raptor, Jeep Wrangler, or Toyota 4Runner, plus the majority of adventurous truck trims, including the new 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter. You will see a lot of black plastic body cladding around some of the most crucial points.
The undercarriage is protected in many ways, but the paintjob on the body needs to be treated like a princess to survive harsher-than-normal conditions – and this is why automakers use oversized fender flares dressed in black plastics, bumpers, and lots of additional protection elements. Even premium models like the latest Land Rover Defender don't give it up as lightly as people might think. But, of course, these parts – which are pretty cheap to produce – are not a staple of the off-road community.

In the past, they were also used to designate low-tier passenger car models. Today, it is true most of these versions got phased out in favor of posher base variants that warrant the current price hikes we have seen all over the automotive industry. But some people valiantly fight the plague – and a few of them even take matters into their hands, even if only virtually. Such is the case with the imaginative realm of digital car content creators occasionally; today, we have a trio of examples to set the record straight.

A virtual automotive designer, better known as a.c.g_design on social media, tried to imagine how to make black plastic body cladding appealing on luxury models – and he failed. But we will still give credit where due because the current disease of racking even more profits from never-ending high MSRPs needs to be stopped by any means necessary. Across the parallel universes of CGI, that means new digital creations that attract attention to how people could go about their business in an Aston Martin DB12 with steel wheels and plastic bumpers plus side sills, and no one would complain.

Sure, this is merely wishful thinking, and probably everyone would jump at the chance of swapping the steelies for a forged aftermarket setup. At the same time, the black plastic body cladding would instantly disappear through forged carbon fiber part swapping. But it's a nice thought, right? Anyway, to put everything into a broader perspective, the pixel master also attempted to fiddle with a contrasting two-tone redesign of the upcoming 2024 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. That was a failure, too, by the way. On the other hand, the 2024 Camaro envisioned before them has the right CGI mix of daringness, and the black plastic rear is actually cooler than anyone would have imagined!

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