Arrakeen Is a "Retrofuturistic" Superyacht Concept With Gullwing Doors and Large Portholes

Concept yachts, much like concept cars, are an excellent opportunity for creative yacht designers to forget about conformity, push their imaginations to the limit, and come up with innovative ideas.
Arrakeen yacht concept by Jay Aberdoni 7 photos
Photo: Jay Aberdoni
Arrakeen yacht concept by Jay AberdoniArrakeen yacht concept by Jay AberdoniArrakeen yacht concept by Jay AberdoniArrakeen yacht concept by Jay AberdoniArrakeen yacht concept by Jay AberdoniArrakeen yacht concept by Jay Aberdoni
The stunning concept yacht pictured above comes from the drawing board of Spanish independent designer Jay Aberdoni and has been christened Arrakeen. Envisioned as a vessel that embodies the future of yachting, the conceptual motor yacht has been described as "retrofuturistic" by its creator and boasts a sleek profile that takes inspiration from the world of sports cars.

Jay Aberdoni has dived into independent yacht design just recently, but he has extensive experience in the field, having worked as a senior yacht designer for Alberto Mancini Yacht Design, a world-renowned studio that has developed some of the world's most cutting-edge vessels.

Arrakeen is the latest addition to Aberdoni's portfolio of conceptual yachts and comes complete with the designer's signature features, including the extensive use of glass and the aerodynamic, sporty profile. Talking about his design, Aberdoni says it "steps away from what we expect out of a concept."

But what do people expect out of a concept ship? Most likely to feature the latest in materials, technology, and engineering and to innovate in terms of efficiency and luxury. Well, with this new yacht design, Aberdoni didn't exactly focus on engineering and performance but rather on aesthetics. As he confessed in an interview, "With Arrakeen, I've gone back to a very basic and simple task: to develop a concept in which aesthetics come first. To free my mind from any rules that would normally define a project and just focus on making it look beautiful."

And the result of his efforts is truly stunning. Sleek as a bullet, Arrakeen's exterior displays elegant rounded lines and a fluid, aerodynamic silhouette. Overall, the 230-foot (70-meter) conceptual vessel, with its low profile, metallic accents, and extensive glazing, reminisces of the spaceships we usually see in Hollywood movies. Large, rounded portholes enhance its retrofuturistic appeal, while the gullwing doors on the upper deck are a clear nod to classic cars.

In an attempt to offer the perfect mix of open and enclosed boating, these gullwing doors open up to reveal dining facilities. Glass balconies on each side enhance the open feel and allow beautiful views of the seascape.

In terms of accommodation, the designer envisioned Arrakeen with seven guest cabins, five of which are located on the main deck. The owner will benefit from a luxurious master suite with high ceilings and skylights, a private lounge area, and a small private Jacuzzi accessible via a glass hatch and spiral staircase.

On deck, the conceptual yacht offers ample lounging spaces for guests to enjoy the sun and the sea. Notable luxury amenities that will make their yachting experience memorable include a large pool on the aft deck, a spa and gym on the lower deck, and a spacious main saloon.

Since Aberdoni focused mainly on aesthetics with this new design, there are no details on propulsion or performance. While not all conceptual vessels end up being turned into future production models, they can still have a significant impact on the industry and, more importantly, fire the imagination of the next generation of yacht owners. The innovative Arrakeen superyacht design might be one of those concepts that offer us an early glimpse of tomorrow's real-world yachts.
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