Apocalypse-Ready Hummer H1 Is the Perfect GMC EV Antidote

2000 Hummer H1 13 photos
Photo: Mecum
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After a long absence, General Motors has brought back the Hummer, only it is an electric vehicle this time. Marketed under the GMC brand, it recently celebrated its second anniversary and is a hit among those favoring zero-emission high-riders with a rugged flair.
Looking like an evolution of its predecessors, the GMC Hummer EV comes in two body styles: SUV and pickup. Both share the same nuts and bolts with the Chevrolet Silverado EV and, more recently, with the Cadillac Escalade IQ. That's right, Caddy also has a battery-electric model in its portfolio, and despite being sold as an Escalade, it doesn't have anything in common with it.

It's impossible to convince all car shoppers to follow the industry's electric trend, and we won't judge you if you favor the old Hummers over the new ones. After all, they've proved their worth multiple times, especially when it comes to the H1, derived from the military Humvee and produced between 1992 and 2006 at the Mishawaka factory in Indiana.

Multiple versions of the Hummer H1 came out during this time, and it is estimated that nearly 12,000 copies saw the light of day. All of them were true mammoths and off-roading beasts, so long as they could fit through the often narrow trails. Multiple V8s powered this model, especially low-revving ones (diesels), and they had a three-, four-, or five-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

2000 Hummer H1
Photo: Mecum
Presented as a four-door slant back, a rarer derivative sharing its body style with the Humvee, this is a 2000 Hummer H1, one of four said to have been originally finished in white. It features racing shocks, massive tires, a jerrycan holder, a rear tire carrier, and the typical interior layout with seating for four, albeit decorated with several carbon fiber inserts and sprinkled with some goodies.

A 6.5-liter turbodiesel V8 engine supplies the firepower and sends it to both axles through an automatic transmission. The output remains undisclosed, as Mecum, which has been charged with selling it, hasn't mentioned it at all in the ad that you can find here. According to the auction house, this is one of only 40 civilian slant-back Hummer H1s still in existence, which makes it a true collectible and more valuable than other body styles.

It underwent full restoration at one point, hence the clean look, and it's said to have 28,845 miles (46,422 km) on the odo. This off-roading beast is going under the gavel at the auction house's event in Kissimmee, Florida, alongside other automobile stars, with the event being hosted from January 2 to 14, 2024. We don't know about you, but this H1 looks far more appealing than the new EV, and we think it's certainly worth the premium.
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