Capri's Lone Star Jr Mid-Size Truck Camper May Be the Cheapest Couple's Hideaway Around

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These days, it doesn't matter who you ask; nearly everyone wants in on the mobile living action. Well, in this spirit, I've decided to shed light on a truck-mounted camper that you can get your hands on for as little as $17K. This is the Lone Star Jr's story.
Ladies and gents, the Lone Star Jr is a truck camper crafted by hand by none other than America's Capri Camper. If the name sounds familiar, then you have some ideas as to what's in store; if you don't, then this short exploration into the Jr should give you more than enough insight to understand why Capri has been around since 1969 and is still going strong today. With that in mind, let's explore the smallest and cheapest camper this team can spit out.

Now, kicking things off for this model, it's important to note that it's not fit for every bed on the market, but rather for mid-size trucks with a 6-foot bed. It's also a cabover unit, so be sure to factor that into this story too. But, the real takeaway here is that Capri crafts each unit by hand with the same signature look they've grown to be known for.

Part of that exterior's magic is the "quilted aluminum" paneling or skin, the one and the same that Capri has been revered for over the past 54 years; all units from this manufacturer have the same look. Throw in a door and a couple of windows, and you're good to go.

Lone Star Jr
Photo: Capri Camper
Oh, the exterior is also topped off with nothing more than a solar panel with 175 W of processing power. It's not much, but for a couple running a cooktop, some LEDs, a fridge, and a water pump, you're good to go. We'll talk more about the electrical setup shortly.

For the remainder of this short presentation into the Jr, pick your favorite place in the world and drive to it in our truck - wherever you're truck can make it, the Jr will be there behind you - park it, stretch your legs, and get ready to start preparing your campsite.

At this stage, most folks will unload their campsite goodies like an outdoor dining set, a shower annex, and whatever else you brought along. If you need more solar power, portable panels are the remaining option here, as the roof of the Jr is also occupied by vents and an AC unit. Fire up a grill, throw up a hammock, and your campsite is ready; enjoy.

From here, the day goes on with you hustling and bustling around your truck and Jr, making a fire pit in the process, enjoying a dash of the starlit sky up above, and once you've had your fill, it's time to retire to your mobile retreat. Place your foot on the bumper step, and let's climb inside.

Lone Star Jr
Photo: Capri Camper
Now, the Jr is dubbed as such because it's the smaller version of an already-acclaimed unit from Capri, the Lone Star. This means that the living space is a tad smaller, but as a result, so is the weight; a Jr only weighs 825 lbs (374 kg) as standard.

As for the living space itself, it really helps to have a cabover bedroom. With it, Capri can move sleeping guests out of the way of everyone else who may be moving about in the unit. This is a must since there isn't a whole lot of room to begin with; this is a couple's camper, but a third person can be accommodated at the foot of the bed, too.

The remainder of the interior is made up of storage bays integrated into the furnishings and cabinetry at ground level but near the ceiling too, a removable dinette table, and a rather large galley block with a countertop. The latter includes an integrated sink and tap, but your cooktop will be a portable one, and your fridge, too.

Lone Star Jr
Photo: Capri Camper
There's just one thing I don't really like about the Jr, or most of the units Capri spits out the level of wood used to craft the interior. I understand that this is the sort of material available within this price range, but these things better be watertight because the moment some seeps into the construction, it's time to look for another camper.

Yet we need to consider the fact that Capri has been around for all these years, meaning that they're doing something right. If you feel you need a tad more protection wherever you plan on traveling, you could always take matters into your own hands and look into some aftermarket weather coatings. One of the cheapest solutions is covering a unit with a truck-bed liner, but I'm not sure you need to do that here.

All that's left to do now is either call Capri up, head down to Texas, or find a Jr in a nearby dealership and go from there. It helps to see what you're buying beforehand, and if your budget is limited but you need to hit the off-grid game now, the Lone Star Jr is a reasonable and pocket-friendly option.
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