Acura Reveals Manual Transmission for Upcoming Integra

The all-new Acura Integra is set to be revealed sometime next year, but today we get confirmation that it will ship with an available six-speed manual transmission. That confirmation comes in a short but great video.
Acura Integra Shifter 6 photos
Acura Integra ShifterAcura Integra ShifterAcura Integra ShifterAcura Integra ShifterAcura Integra Shifter
Reboots keep coming and that's ok when it's something as special as the Acura Integra. The small spunky car was the first foray into automotive enthusiasm for many. That's one reason fans of the brand were sad to see it leave the production line.

Acura has promised a return though with a full reveal coming in 2022. We've already learned that it will be a liftback and that it'll have four doors. Today though, we get confirmation that it will also have three pedals and a stick.

The video released by Acura shows every generation of the Integra from a single camera angle. That angle looks straight down from the ceiling and focuses on the gear lever itself. As the video progresses we hear each car's RPMs climb before a shift takes place, revealing the lever in the upcoming car.

Those revs serve to do more than create a nice melodic background sound. They might tell us a bit about the engine featured in the new Integra. But the sound we're hearing may be spliced in from any engine. Still, it's like the note made from the Honda Civic Type R. It would make a lot of sense to use that engine. Much of the underpinning of the two cars may end up being similar if not identical.

Also, it would stand to make the Integra worth the extra cost over a similarly equipped Honda product. It would also make all of the Integra faithful happy to see a proper successor in the lineage.

It might just be stylistic, but it's also interesting to note that the shift knob pattern in the video is red. That color is special under the Honda umbrella. It's usually only used in the hottest cars made by the brand.

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