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2,700 WHP Nissan GT-R Maxes Out the Dyno, Then Pulls a 6s Quarter-Mile Run

Things have really gone out of hand in the Nissan GT-R realm and we mean this in a good way - nowadays, if you want to aim for the world record, your R35 has to pack about five times the factory power.
2,700 WHP Nissan GT-R Dyno Run 4 photos
2,700 WHP Nissan GT-R Dyno Run2,700 WHP Nissan GT-R Dyno Run2,700 WHP Nissan GT-R Dyno Run
The freshest example of this comes from the US, where the Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R has recently demonstrated the kind of apocalypse such a Godzilla can unleash.

Run by Lucas English, the once-a-Nissan is currently engaged in the race for the world record. And, before moving further into the tale, we'll remind you that that the R35 trophy currently sits in the GT-R Alpha G's trophy cabinet. We're talking about an AMS Performance-built customer car that managed to be the first to take Godzilla into the 6s league back in March.

Returning to the ETS monster we're discussing, the first piece of footage at the bottom of the page allows you to see it terrorizing the dyno.

The GT-R maxed out the dyno, with the crew behind the effort calculating that the twin-turbo animal managed to climb all the way to 2,719 hp. Since we're talking about wheel horsepower, this means that the billet aluminum V6 heart of the machine delivers north of 3,000 ponies at the crank.

And, as ETS explained on Facebook, the boost was slightly turned up after the dyno session. The move was introduced to prepare the GT-R for a drag strip run.

The quarter-mile sprint saw the ETS Nissan GT-R nearly matching the world record, with all-paw animal delivering a 6.98s run. Keep in mind that the Alpha G stunt mentioned above brought a 6.937s adventure.

The Nissan GT-R 1/4-mile record race certainly won't stop here and, until we get our hands on fresh stunts, you can check out the run delivered by the ETS machine in the second video below.

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