2,500+ HP Nissan GT-R Alpha G Is World's Most Powerful, Aims to Be the Fastest

2,500+ HP Nissan GT-R Alpha G 12 photos
Photo: AMS Performance
2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: custom turbo installation2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: exhaust manifold runners2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: Garrett GTX turbo2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: intercoolers2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: twin turbos2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: rollcage2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: cage2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: parachute2,500+ HP GT-R Alpha G: exhaust tip
Late last month, we talked about how the Nissan GT-R quarter mile world record had been falling on a regular basis over the last few years. Well, here we are, showing you the Godzilla incarnation that aims to grab the title from Ekanoo Racing's GT-R, which pulled a 7.44s run at 200.39 mph.
While those of you who haven't been following the overly tuned GT-R saga might be amazed by these numbers, there's no time for such feelings. Not when a customer car goes further than the aftermarket developer's development vehicle.

When the TX2K16 drag racing event hits us in March, be prepared to hear the name of a man called Gideon "Gidi" Chamdo. This guy is probably the most faithfull customer of AMS Performance, having gone through four of their extreme twin-turbo kits so far.

Gidi's most recent adventure had the potential to actually become his last. It all happened in August last year, with Alpha 20, his GT-R, using the same turbo system as the Alpha Omega development car of the tuner he had turned to.

Alas, an oil spill caused the Nissan to slip on its own fluids at well above 100 MPH and crash. While the GT-R's impact with the concrete wall on the side of the drag strip saw the car being totaled, luckily its owner walked away unharmed from the crash. Oh, and by the way, Alpha 20 was 7.94s fast, delivering north of 2,000 ponies at the wheels, taking home the TX2K15 trophy.

After the crash, Gidi was scared - the man was afraid his GT-R was not powerful enough to offer him the throne of this ever-evolving realm.

As a result, he once again turned to AMS Performance, with the result being visible in the image gallery below.

AMS is now at its second version of a billet aluminum block, and while this packs 3.8 liters of displacement (versus the Alpha Omega's 4.0-liter block), this customer development will, most likely, end up being more powerful than the development car.

That's because Alpha Omega keeps the factory location of the turbos, which limits the size of the turbochargers, whereas Alpha G has seen the units being relocated to the nose of the supercar.

We're talking a pair of Garrett GTX turbos here and we wouldn't be surprised if this GT-R ended up delivering over 2,500 hp at the wheels.

With AMS letting it slip the engine seen here is a mock-up, we'll have to wait for the tuner's next release to find out more about this otherworldly Nissan.

We can't say the same about Gidi, though. Instead of sitting around and waiting for the GT-R to be completed, the man prefers to blow records belonging to the Lamborghini camp. For one thing, his Underground Racing contraption is the fastest Gallardo in the world, having hit a trap speed of 234.86 mph in a half-mile event. Wonder if he'll switch to the newer UR2 Huracan.
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