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Nissan Plans Upmarket Move for Current GT-R, Next-Gen Still Years Away

Nissan is still developing the current generation of the GT-R. According to the program’s manager, Hiroshi Tamura, there’s more to come until its replacement.
Nissan GT-R Nismo 1 photo
The Nissan GT-R project manager plans to move the model upmarket, but the change will not be dramatic. Even without this shift, the car will receive more power. Furthermore, the GT-R will get an improvement in the ride and comfort departments, while the handling and NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) will also receive enhancements.

There’s no word on when these changes will take place, but the current R35 GT-R still has a few good years left in production. The most interesting change out of all the future plans announced by Hiroshi Tamura in an interview with Top Gear is the upmarket move for the GT-R. “I want to make the GT-R more premiere. Not just fancy, but real premium,” the official stated.

If you ask us, the changes announced by the program manager go hand in hand with the improvements planned for the NVH and the ride and handling departments. After all, if you’re going to move a car to a more upmarket direction, customers would naturally expect better soundproofing, sharper handling, improved ride comfort, more power, and better finishing touches on interior materials.

According to Hiroshi Tamura, the current driver for a more premium feel for the GT-R only appeared on Nissan’s boards two years ago. This happened because the car’s creator, Kazutoshi Mizuno, focused on the performance side of the car and the “GT” part was overshadowed by this. Mr. Tamura plans to protect both sides of the GT-R’s personality and provide a more focused and quality-made car.

The future of the current GT-R could bring 800-HP or even 900-HP variants, but this will only happen if Mr. Tamura and his colleagues find solutions to give customers a way to control this power level. If this power level doesn’t provide a secure feeling for the client when the gas is opened to the max, Nissan won’t make a production variant of said variant.

Fortunately for future 800 to 900 HP Nissan GT-R owners, a day will come when the Japanese manufacturer will release a production version with this power level, but a date or timetable for this is impossible to provide at the moment.


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