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21-Year-Old YouTuber's Lamborghini Aventador Gets TRON Legacy Look

When Walt Disney Pictures decided to produce the sequel of the 1982 Tron science fiction film we’re pretty sure they never thought the impact it will have on the way people wish their cars to look. Yet, there’s a whole wave in auto tuning inspired by Tron:Legacy and it’s super popular. The latest to cover his Lamborghini Aventador with the specific minimalistic shining-stripes wrap is a 21-year old YouTuber.
KSI's Aventador Lamborghini 7 photos
KSI's Lamborghini AventadorKSI's Lamborghini AventadorKSI's Lamborghini AventadorKSI's Lamborghini AventadorKSI's Lamborghini AventadorKSI's Lamborghini Aventador
The car itself you already know about since the news was quite surprising. After all we’re talking about a guy that makes tons of money playing games online all day. Gamers know him as KSI and his real name is Olakide Olatunji. The 21-year old English gamer of Niegerian descent is quite famous for his channel, which has, as of January 2015, over 8 million subscribers.

Most of the videos that got him that popular consist of FIFA gameplay/commentary, whilst playing other games on various platforms with the occasion vlog. Yep, playing games for a living. And not just a regular living, we’re talking about the big cash. So much money he makes that he just upgraded to a brand new Lamborghini Aventador. The car was then sent straight to the auto salon.

This brings us to the pictures we just stumbled upon and that were taken just after the job was finished.

Before you check them all out, we’ll only mention a couple of the new endorsements. We are looking at a chrome purple wrap with orange tron, orange brakes and a custom sound system. On top of all that, they also got the Lambo fitted with a full custom led lighting, just to make sure there’s not even one person that misses the car, day or night.

Question is, do you like it? And if not, what’s the color you’d choose?

PS: We bet you didn't know that the movie is in fact directly connected to the automative industry. In fact, the movie's director Joseph Kosinski collaborated with people who specialized in fields outside of the film industry, such as architecture and automotive design to create the impressive decor.


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