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1978 Pontiac Trans Am Hides Too Many Unknowns, Still Deserves a Second Chance

A perfect-10 Trans Am is more often than not quite a head-turning machine, and it goes without saying it’s the dream of many collectors out there.
1978 Pontiac Trans Am 8 photos
1978 Pontiac Trans Am1978 Pontiac Trans Am1978 Pontiac Trans Am1978 Pontiac Trans Am1978 Pontiac Trans Am1978 Pontiac Trans Am1978 Pontiac Trans Am
When it comes to production numbers, the model year 1978 has the biggest chance to produce a solid restoration project, as Pontiac built more than 93,000 units. It was the second-based year for the Trans Am, after 1979, when over 117,000 cars ended up seeing daylight.

Obviously, the Trans Am became the most successful choice in the lineup, with both the standard Firebird and the Esprit losing ground as its popularity increased.

Someone on eBay is selling a solid 1978 Trans Am project that looks doable, at least based on the photos shared by the owner, but which seems to raise more questions than answers.

First and foremost, seller es15 hasn’t shared any information about the car, so while it looks like a model that’s been sitting for a very long time, no details on this front are available. Then, the condition that can be observed in the images does suggest that saving this Trans Am is totally doable, but again, this can only be determined more accurately with an in-person inspection.

Based on the provided photos, the 400 engine under the hood has already been rebuilt, so in some ways, the owner jump-started the restoration, preparing this Trans Am for a second life. In theory, this means everything under the hood works like new, but of course, the car still looks like it requires an important number of fixes.

As for the price, it’s hard to tell just how much you have to pay in order to get your hands on this Trans Am. The bidding starts at $3,000, but nobody has entered the race to buy this Trans Am so far. On the other hand, a reserve has also been enabled, so the selling price could be much higher than the starting bidding.

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