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1969 Dodge Charger Shooting Brake Is the Craziest Wagon

When coming across a virtual build like the one sitting before us, one might and should question the potential destination of such a rendering - what kind of person would enjoy a 1969 Dodge Charger that's been given a shooting brake conversion?
1969 Dodge Charger Shooting Brake rendering 3 photos
1969 Dodge Charger shooting brake rendering1969 Dodge Charger shooting brake rendering
Now, if you've ever met somebody who's a totally badass driver and also a family person, this sort of contraption might just be for him or her.

By now, anybody with an Internet connection and the slightest interest in muscle cars has seen restomod projects based on the Golden Era Mopar machines, so this proposal, which, as mentioned, started out on life as a 1969 Charger, should be no exception. However, the digital artist who brought us this eye candy wanted to make sure the vawe of renderings that land in our feed on a daily or weekly basis doesn't wash away his work.

As such, the pixel master added this twisted wagon take. And while one's first instinct might be that of a purist rejecting the new body style, this machine does seem to have a few things going for it.

You see, since the monstrous HEMI (we can only presume, since the motor itself is still under the hood) works with a just-as-generously-sized blower, this Dodge packs all the firepower it needs. So why not add some extra room for those riding in the back, along with extra luggage capacity? You know, for those long Drag Week road trips that take the party from one drag strip to another.

As for the aero aspects of this proposal, the front end relies on that air dam, as well as on the reduced ground clearance. Then we have the fat fenders, which make for one of the rendering's controversial aspects.

When it comes to the posterior, the open lower side means one can stare at the hardware that makes the muscle a viable proposition.

PS: if you zoom in on the pixel portrait, you'll notice a little exotic aspect of the 1969 Charger, namely its exposed carbon body panels (Speedkore Charger, anybody?). And you can thank an aficionado called Yasid Oozeear for the visual stunt.


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