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1959 Chevrolet Corvette Emerges After 52 Years, Unexpected Surprise Under the Hood

Barn finds are quite common nowadays, but most of the classics that emerge out of long-term storage are far from special. However, from time to time, people stumble upon spectacular cars that spent way too much time behind closed doors. This 1959 Chevrolet Corvette is one of those cars.
1959 Chevrolet Corvette barn find 8 photos
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Recently purchased and showcased by the folks at YouTube's 'Horsepower Warehouse," this old 'Vette was retired in a radiator shop in Florida back in 1971. Yes, that's a whopping 51 years ago. And yes, it also means that this sports car spent only 12 years on the road. Quite a sad fate for an American icon, right?

Well, the good news is the Chevy was finally released to a new home that will oversee its revival and return to proper use. And that's not all. Even though it spent more than a half-century in storage, the Corvette is in fantastic condition.

Yes, the body may be covered in a thick layer of dust, but the new owner claims the paint underneath is in exceptional condition. There are a few rough spots, but nothing that can't be fixed with buffing and polishing. The chrome trim is also in great condition since it's been redone right before the car went into storage.

And while it may seem incomplete at first glance, the car came with a long list of parts, including the hood and the hardtop. On the flip side, this Corvette is no longer stock and all-original.

The aftermarket intake is the first sign that the car was hot-rodded sometime in the past, but a closer look reveals that the engine was swapped-out altogether. And it seems that the replacement unit is a 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) V8 sourced from a C4-generation Corvette.

No word on whether it's an L83, L98, or something of the LT variety, but it should be at least as potent as the small-block that Chevy offered in the C1. Needless to say, the transplant is bad news for the car's value, but the owner says he may have the correct replacement mill for this 'Vette.

All told, it looks like someone planned to turn this roadster into a race car, but things didn't go as planned and the project stalled. And every modification seems to be reversible, so this Corvette could be restored to original specs. And knowing these folks, it's exactly what they'll do.

Until that happens, check out the car as it emerged from storage in the video below. The footage is rather short, but hopefully, we will get to see more of this fabulous barn find in the future.

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