Barn Find Hunter Stumbles Upon Three Buick Reattas in a Semi-Trailer, Each Going for $10K

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They say meeting old friends always brings good memories, and for Tom Cotter, going back to Virginia reminded him of a book he wrote several years ago, Barn Find Road Trip. During that period, he met some fantastic people. On the latest episode of Hagerty’s special series Barn Find Hunter, Cotter visits some old friends from that period, and with them come some iconic barn find gems.
Cotter visited a long-lost friend’s son, CT (Charles Triplett). He comes from a long line of ‘CTs, and his son is currently the fourth generation of CT. They are currently in their sixth generation. This family has known one business for the last six generations – automobiles. They sell, repair, and also run a DMV Select service.

At the back of the property were a couple of Buick Reattas baking in the sun. There was also a mid-engine, four-cylinder Pontiac Fiero and a convertible MG Midget overgrown with grass. CT said the original owner gave it to him for free under one condition: he gets it off his property.

Next to the Midget, there is a 1947 Dodge light truck. It is in a desolate condition, but CT confesses it belonged to his grandfather (CT II), who bought it new.

They also have a field full of classic cars overgrown with bushes and trees. Hidden in the brushwood, Cotter could spot a 1949 Buick Fastback, 1950 Buick, and 1939 Mercury. CT revealed he has 340 classic sedans rotting in the undergrowth.

But not every classic car on the property is rotting or stuck in the undergrowth. The CTs have three nicely preserved classic vehicles in a semi-trailer.

The first one was a red Buick Reatta convertible (last on the road in 2014) that belonged to his dad (CT III). The other two are purple and black. He says they are for sale for $10,000 each with 30 - 40,000 miles (around 48,000 - 64,000 kilometers) on the odometer. There’s also a bonus: buy one Reatta and get a donor car for free.

Cotter also visited another friend, Paul Wilson, an English professor who’s built a hand-made Alfa Romeo 6C 2500. We recommend watching the video below to find out more about his iconic builds.

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