YouTuber Uses a Mercedes EQS 450+ To Prove EV Range Anxiety Is Not a Big Issue at All

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When you’re driving a gas-powered car, seeing the needle drop and tell you that you need to fill up might cause some anxiety. However, when it comes to electric vehicles, this is a slightly bigger issue as EV drivers don’t enjoy the privilege of having a gas station every couple of miles.
Of course, every good automaker has their clients’ concerns in mind when designing their cars. When it comes to giving you that extra oomph, things may vary, but all electric vehicles seem to have some hidden juice they keep in reserve to help you make it to the charging station.

In this case, we’ll take a look at a Mercedes EQS 450+. A YouTuber by the name of Bjørn Nyland has decided to check if the system in the expensive luxury sedan is any good. He has found out that it actually does a marvelous job at not only letting you know that you need to charge up, but also notifying you when things are about to go south.

He began his adventure by driving the car until the battery was seemingly empty. Then the time came to start the true test, which was carried out in an Ikea parking lot. Once the car said it was out of battery and the range estimate dropped to 0, the car was able to keep going.

For how long, you ask? Well, not that long, actually; just over 4 miles (7 km). However, that could be the difference between making it to a charging station or being stranded on the side of the road. Still, the luxurious Mercedes had another trick up its sleeve. About 30 seconds before it completely stopped and became undrivable, it issued a warning to let the driver know it was time to pull over in a safe spot to avoid any accidents.

Furthermore, he was able to restart the vehicle to move it to a charging spot nearby after inputting just 100 Wh of electricity using a mobile charger. This goes to show that you need not worry so much about range in EVs anymore.

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