You Can Legally Drive This Armored Personnel Carrier on the Roads of All 50 United States

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Photo: Goat Tactical Vehicles
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Armored personnel carriers are the bad boys of the vehicle kin. Meant to transport soldiers into the heat of battle, they are capable of withstanding things normal cars, SUVs, and other wheeled contraptions can only dream of.
The problem with these kinds of machines is that they are generally not meant for public use. What that means is most of us go through life without ever getting the chance to experience such a beast firsthand. But that doesn't necessarily need to be that way.

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of a company called Goat Tactical Vehicles. We're talking about a Boise, Idaho-based company that was only born about a year ago with the declared goal of bringing "a real-world approach to armored civilian transport."

Although new on the automotive scene, Goat claims to be comprised of "high caliber heathens" that have the backing of "a top tier design and manufacturing team with more than 30 years of high threat protection and battlefield experience." Based on that alone, one can clearly imagine these guys know what they're doing.

And what they're doing is something called the Atlas APC. It's a new kind of armored personnel carrier intended to be used on the public roads of all 50 American states without worry law enforcement may question you about its legality on the streets.

The Atlas is built on the chassis of a Ford F-550 Super Duty, and it doesn't require any special permit to operate. Unlike other builds we get to see based on the same platform, this one however is wrapped all over in armored plating.

That would be level B6 armored protection, meaning the truck can get hit and not even feel it by rounds coming from FN Scar, M16, and AR-15 assault rifles, or any other gun that fires NATO caliber projectiles. The bullets can hit the armor at angles of up to 45 degrees and still only scratch the surface.

Goat Tactical Vehicles Atlas APC
Photo: Goat Tactical Vehicles
But that's not all the dangers this thing can survive. The truck can withstand the simultaneous detonation of a pair of DM51 grenades, and all its critical components, meaning the floor, fuel tank, and door hinges, are enhanced as well.

Supposedly based on "a current generation Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) being used in active combat zones around the globe," the Atlas tips the scales at 17,196 pounds (7,800 kg). On top of that, it can carry an extra 3,306 pounds (1,500 kg) of cargo.

The interior of the APC is basically the same, as far as the layout and controls go, as in the Ford F-550. The truck has the stock seating, steering wheel, HVAC, and buttons. But that's only the tip of the iceberg, as it can be customized to the preferences of its users.

At its most extreme incarnation, the Atlas can be configured to transport a total of 12 people, the perfect size for any impromptu strike force. There are however multiple configurations available, including the standard one for APCs with room for nine people and a cargo version with six seats.

The vehicle is powered by a 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine that develops 330 horsepower and 1,020 Nm of torque. It sends all that to the wheels with the help of a ten-speed automatic transmission and can keep them spinning for a total distance of up to 400 miles (644 km) on a single fill of the tank.

Despite being ready for use on public roads, the truck is very capable off the beaten path as well. It can climb or descend slopes with a 31-degree inclination and can travel across side slopes sitting at 16.7 degrees. The fording depth of the thing is rated at 31.5 inches (80 cm).

Goat Tactical Vehicles Atlas APC
Photo: Goat Tactical Vehicles
Goat says it is making these things for the civilian market to give people a safe means of transport to their destination no matter the threat. The problem is that not many civilians can afford to buy themselves one of these babies.

As per the company, the starting price of the vehicle is set at $395,000, but that's only to get your bearings, as everything about it, from exterior color to the fitting of special options, is on the table and customizable. For reference, the Ford F-550 in its most extreme form, the Lariat, was selling from $68,410 at the time of writing.

Goat does not have an inventory of Atlas APCs, as it builds them to order. Nevertheless, it does say it is a vehicle with limited availability, but does not specify exactly what that means. We are also not told how long it takes for a Ford F-550 chassis to be converted into a thing such as this.

There is at least one example already completed, though, and it was displayed in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the Barrett-Jackson auction which took place there not long ago.
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