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World’s Most Advanced Eco-Friendly Floating Yachting Lift Inaugurated in the Mediterranean

Just as luxury car owners want the best service for their vehicles, yacht and superyacht owners expect boat maintenance operations to comply with the highest standards. This innovative yacht lift doesn’t just fit the bill, but it’s also eco-friendly and sustainable.
This bespoke boat maintenance platform is not only highly-advanced, but also eco-friendly 12 photos
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The Mediterranean is one of the favorite playground for the richest boat owners in the world and many others. However, when it comes to boat maintenance, the standard option is taking the yacht to a shipyard, which is a costly process that takes time and can also produce waste that ends up in the water. As an alternative to all of this, Malta has inaugurated a revolutionary floating yacht lift.

Operating at the Marina di Valetta in the Mediterranean, this bespoke boat maintenance and servicing concept is unlike anything operating in the area. Taking up yachts at sea instead of on land helps reduce the waiting time, and it’s also more cost-effective. The floating platform is powered by a pneumatic system that allows it to lift a vessel of up to 50 tons in just five to ten minutes. The result is that a yacht can be lifted, inspected, cleaned, and lowered in 60 minutes.

According to Yacht Lift Malta, this floating platform is also the safest boat lifting service because it lifts vessels from the keel, not by straps. This causes less amount of stress possible to the hull and less damage to the paintwork.

What’s even greater about this yacht lift is that it’s supposed to be the most advanced eco-friendly service of its kind available today. A certified water treatment plant enables all wastewater to be collected and processed on board, and then delivered to land-based water treatment plants, which means that none of the waste ends up in the sea.

This sustainable yacht lift concept was recently inaugurated at the Marina di Valetta by the Transport Minister, Ian Borg. According to Times of Malta, the project was the result of an almost $3.5 million (€3 million) investment and has already attracted foreign yacht owners in the Mediterranean.


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