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World’s Largest Electric Double-Ended Ferry to Start Operating in 2024

Northern European countries always seem to be one step ahead when it comes to innovative technologies and sustainable solutions. Scandiline, a Danish company, proves it by getting ready to launch what is claimed to be the world’s largest electric double-ended ferry. And that’s just one of the steps on its path to 100% carbon-neutral operations.
The future electric ferry will increase the cargo capacity on its designated route 6 photos
Scandilines New-Generation FerryScandilines New-Generation FerryScandilines New-Generation FerryScandilines New-Generation FerryScandilines New-Generation Ferry
The Danish ferry operator intends to replace its existing fleet with new-generation vessels that are either hybrid or all-electric. The first one was designed by the Norwegian LMG Marin AS and is being built at the Cemre shipyard in Turkey. It’s mainly a freight ferry that can carry up to 66 trucks, which will increase the cargo transportation capabilities on the Puttgarden (Germany)-Rodby (Denmark) route by 23%.

The future emissions-free crossings on this route will take one hour and ten minutes. But the innovative ferry can also operate in hybrid mode, carrying up to 140 passengers, in which case it will complete one journey in 45 minutes.

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) recently announced that it will be equipping the new Scandiline ferry with the propulsion system and the control system. The company’s pulling azimuth thruster is called Azipull, and it claims to increase energy efficiency while also lowering noise and vibration.In addition to that, the Mcon Propulsion & Thruster control system will allow the ferry’s operators to constantly and efficiently monitor important parameters, such as thrust magnitude and direction.

The 485-foot (147.4 meters) cargo vessel will be able to operate at a speed of 16 knots (18.4 mph/29.6 kph), with zero emissions. Scandilines is currently extending the 50kV/25MW power cable that was installed in the Rodby harbor three years ago and will also add a transformer and a charging station. Charging facilities will also be installed in Puttgarden in the near future.

The electric double-ended ferry equipped with KM’s propulsion system is set to enter service by 2024.

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