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With the 911 Going Hybrid, Porsche Is Looking for an Electrifying Future

As major automakers compete to build out their fleets of electric vehicles, Porsche set up some new EV targets for the future. The Porsche 911 will go hybrid, while the mid-engined two-seater "fun time" Cayman and 718 will go electric by the end of 2025.
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Following a big 2021 year for the German manufacturer with record operating profit and record revenues, they are going to expand and bet on their electric vehicles game. As a statistic, the net cash flow grew from $1.5 billion to $3.7 billion last year. In addition, Porsche delivered over 300,000 vehicles to customers worldwide, with the best-selling cars being the Cayenne and Macan.

In the past, the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer was targetting half of all sales by 2025 to be electric vehicles. However, due to great success, they are now pushing it up to 80% of sales by 2030.

Mainly, this is a result that comes after the Taycan model was 14% of company sales in 2021. In addition, they will introduce the second-generation of the Porsche Macan crossover, which will be electric. The compact electric SUV will be introduced in Europe in 2023 and will migrate to North America in 2024. It will use the same underpinnings as the Taycan: the PPE architecture designed by Porsche and Audi for premium electric vehicles with 800-volt fast-charging capability.

Still, the biggest news was about the sports cars segment of the brand. The managers were so confident about this EV future that they announced the two-seaters 718 Cayman and Boxtster will be electric by the mid-decade.

The next 911, which is the most iconic model from Porsche, will be a hybrid one. They chose not to create a fully electric 911 because Porsche wanted to maintain the gas-powered sound that everyone loves. Nothing can beat that flat-six engine sound and feel.

I believe this is a courageous statement for them, because 911 represents so much for the history of the automotive world. We need to understand that the 911 has a history of almost 60 years, you can't just completely change its propulsion.

"Our positive business result is based on courageous, innovative and forward-looking decisions," said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. "Our industry is experiencing what is probably the greatest transformation in its history. We set a strategic course early on and are robust on the operational front. This success is teamwork."

Porsche has big plans for 2022. Besides this EV plan, they want to create a partnership with Apple. We do not know much about these rumors, but executives from Porsche have traveled to the U.S. to discuss possible joint projects with Apple. CEO Oliver Blume did not give details on any collaboration but said the two companies are on the same wavelength and have a record of working together closely.

After being so close to bankruptcy in 2009, we'd love to see their big plans for the future. A legendary brand like Porsche should never disappear.

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