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"Winter Is Coming" Means Nothing for a Lance Travel Trailer With a Four-Season Package
Considering this year's glamping season is coming to an end, I felt it's the opportune time to start searching for downsized habitats that can keep you alive through the frigid weather that's about to engulf the northern hemisphere in the next few months.

"Winter Is Coming" Means Nothing for a Lance Travel Trailer With a Four-Season Package

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Again, just because the cold is upon us doesn't mean your adventurous lifestyle has to stop. After all, there's so much magic in exploring the world and landscapes where others dare not, especially during winter. But to do so, you'll want to be sure that your habitat has the stuff it needs to keep you alive during those rogue storms and cold nights. Let's see if Lance's 1685 travel trailer has what it takes.

Suppose you know of Lance Camper and how they like to do business. In that case, you know that almost all their units are equipped with a winterization package that allows owners to venture into the colder months without modifying their existing campers. It's called the Lance Four Seasons Comfort Technology package, and its presence brings features like a water heater bypass, winterizing valve, dual pane windows, and above all, an enclosed, insulated, heated underbelly and holding tanks.

Part two of why Lance travel trailers can achieve cold-weather adventures has to do with how they're ultimately built. Aside from the chassis and suspension, each shell is shaped around an aluminum frame onto which Azdel and fiberglass walls are added. Not only does this mixture keep out mold and mildew, but Azdel is also known to boast an R rating, ensuring you feel at home in the trailer. Did I mention block foam insulation? But it's unclear how cold these units will resist; you'll have to call lance and find out.

What does all this mean for you? Well, a few things, the first of which is a price that may be a bit higher than just your average rolling habitat. Depending on the features included and how greedy your dealer may be, you're looking at dishing out at least $45,000 (€46,200 at current exchange rates) for a new 1685, with some units fetching as high as $70K (€71,900 at current exchange rates).

Now, before I go on, remember that this travel trailer is meant to keep you on the road for as long as possible, and some of what you pay goes directly into the comforts you find inside. Aside from heating, electrical, and plumbing systems, future owners can look forward to things like a slide-out modular dinette, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom similar to the ones you'd find in someone's landlocked home. The bedroom is situated at the front of the trailer and includes storage options underneath and a stargazer window.

As for taking things truly off-grid, you will need to invest a tad more. But your investment will bring solar panels, batteries, inverters, and even a tankless water heater, all features that will help you live comfortably and efficiently no matter the landscape or season. Do take the time to explore further, as there are so many goodies in a 1685.

Sure, you're being asked to pay a tad more than your average summer-ready camper, but the tradeoff seems worth it, especially if you're the sort of adventurer that knows how to exploit the elements no matter the season. Winter is coming, and that means nothing for your future 1685.

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Images in the gallery include an array of 1685 trailers from different years.


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