What's Behind the Unbelievable Demand for Tesla Superchargers in These Two Countries?

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Since 2022, Tesla invited owners to vote on the locations where they want more Superchargers installed. The system has been highly appreciated, but it's now put into question as two countries with few Tesla owners top the leaderboard in the winter Supercharger voting.
Tesla Supercharger is the most extensive and appreciated charging network in the world. You can find a Supercharger station almost anywhere, and the chances of finding a broken charger are practically non-existent. This makes the Supercharger network such a great asset for Tesla and one of the main reasons customers choose one of its electric models over the competition.

Tesla is expanding the network at a fast pace, surpassing 50,000 charging points in September. The EV maker announced its 40,000th Supercharger in November 2022, thus adding 10,000 chargers in less than a year. Last year, Tesla also introduced a voting routine to let owners decide where they want a new Supercharger station installed. This option proved very popular, with hundreds of thousands of people voting for a Supercharger that they could benefit from.

The voting is a multi-step process, which starts with owners suggesting Supercharger locations in their area. After considering the proposed sites and its own expansion plans, Tesla sets up a list of eligible places each season. The one that gets the most votes "wins" a Supercharger station. Each Tesla owner gets five votes, so they must be careful where they cast them.

Of course, Tesla builds far more Supercharger stations than the one that gets the most votes, and that's a good thing. But the fact that owners also get a say in the matter is most appreciated. However, the latest polls have had surprising results, which prompted some to question the fairness of the process.

Specifically, a Romanian city (Brasov) won the summer contest and is now getting its own Supercharger station. However, the winter voting looks also set to be won by a Romanian city. This season, there's a close race between several Romanian and Hungarian cities, with other countries too far behind to hope for a win. This isn't surprising, considering the century-old rivalry between Romania and Hungary. Still, there may be more to it.

As some Tesla owners noted on social media, there are very few Superchargers available in this part of Europe, which is also a popular transportation corridor for people going to the Black Sea or Greece for summer vacation or to Romania and Bulgaria for the ski season. There are roughly 10 Supercharger stations in the Balkans, which is unfortunate, even considering the number of Teslas in these countries. The vote also shows how dedicated and organized Tesla owners can be in these countries.

Since neither Greece nor Bulgaria got a proposed Supercharger location in this voting round, many Tesla owners from these countries voted for one that was closest to their homes. This explains, in part, the popularity of Hungary and Romania locations. Several Tesla owners from Bulgaria admitted they voted for Romanian locations, and they knew many who did the same. People from Greece shared a similar story.
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