Tesla Supercharger Crowned Best EV Fast-Charging Network in the U.S.

Tesla Supercharger is the best-rated charging network in the US 7 photos
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2023 US Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charger Study2023 US Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charger StudyGridserve Electric ForecourtTesla SuperchargerTesla SuperchargerTesla Supercharger
Many EV owners consider the Tesla Supercharger network the best EV fast-charging network. This is now official in JD Power's 2023 US Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charger Study. Overall customer satisfaction with Tesla's charging network stayed the same compared to 2022 at 739 points, while all other fast-charging networks sank.
If you ask people why they prefer to buy a Tesla electric vehicle, one reason stands out: the Supercharger network. Tesla's DC fast-charging stations are scattered all over, and the network expands at an incredible pace, with several new stations opening every week. Not only that, but the most recently-built Tesla Supercharger stations have a lot more charging posts than other networks.

The limited charging infrastructure and long charging times are two main reasons people don't want to buy an electric vehicle. This is why charging experience can make or break EV adoption. The good part is that the charging infrastructure is increasing healthily. The not-so-good part is that people are now less satisfied with their charging experience, as revealed by a JD Power study.

Released for the first time in 2021, JD Power's US Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charger Study shows that, two years later, overall satisfaction with public chargers is declining. In the 2023 study, it's at its lowest level ever recorded by JD Power. This happened in nearly every category for both Level-2 charging and DC Fast-charging, sometimes incorrectly called Level-3 charging.

The study does not discern whether this is caused by more people with unrealistic expectations buying electric vehicles. Charging simply takes too long for many accustomed to filling a gas tank. JD Power is also unsure how non-Tesla owners using Supercharger stations affect overall satisfaction. The study clearly shows that Tesla owners charging at third-party stations rate their experience poorly, 550 points vs. 745 points for Tesla Supercharger.

Satisfaction with Level-2 charging declined to an average of 617 on a 1,000-point scale, 16 points lower than a year ago. Level-2 chargers are usually installed at home, work, parking lots, and commercial centers. In this category, Tesla slipped into the second position after Volta, scoring 661, down 19 points compared to 2022.

Satisfaction with DC fast chargers sunk 20 points to an average of 654. Tesla held its ground in this category, retaining the 739 points from last year. All other players scored lower, which explains the declining average. Fast chargers are usually used when traveling longer distances, and they can recharge an electric vehicle to 80% in about half an hour.

Besides the time spent charging, the leading cause of dissatisfaction was the high number of so-called non-charge visits. The study shows that 20% of all users say they visited a charger but could not charge their EV. The reasons range from inoperable chargers to long lines to use the chargers.
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