Yukon 2 Hardtail
Searching for bicycles that can cover any terrain and be the vehicle you depend on to weave through traffic and pedestrians, I've decided to check in with Giant Bicycles to see what's new on their side of the street. It's here that I ran across a hardtail with a mix of components and features, apparently, all aimed at creating a do-it-all trinket.

We Have To Wait Patiently for Giant's Snow-Ready Yukon 2 Hardtail MTB, Out Winter 2022

Yukon 2 Hardtail DrivetrainYukon 2 Hardtail CockpitYukon 2 HardtailYukon 2 HardtailYukon 2 HardtailYukon 2 Hardtail
Folks, today we'll be exploring the Yukon 2. It's a hardtail MTB from Giant that's not only priced in such a way as to ensure it gets into as many hands as possible, but it's also a bike that should cover just about anything you throw at it, as long as you keep those tires planted on the ground at all times.

Now, Giant is a bicycle manufacturer that doesn't need any introduction; they can be seen riding along with other industry titans like Trek, Specialized, and even Bianchi. But, like all the other big kids, they too build machines for the common folk, typically infused with their racing R&D.

To kick things off, the Yukon 2 is a bike selling for an MSRP of $1,900 (€1,800 at current exchange rates). There's just something about a cycle falling under the $2K mark that makes it so appealing. Yet, what do we get for that price? That's what we'll be exploring today.

Yukon 2 Hardtail
Right off the bat, you can tell that the Yukon does include some features that have been proven in the field and on the track; a sloped top tube, internal cable routing through an aluminum frame, and big ol' tires designed to add a touch of suspension to a machine that features none.

That's right, not only is the Yukon 2 a hardtail, but the front fork is solid, with no suspension whatsoever. Yet, this is also where a bit of the cash you're asked to pay shines through. The fork is a composite one and will reduce some of the vibrations transferred to the rider from the road. This lack of suspension is also why you shouldn't be dropping off any mountain ledges or attempting jumps like you're a part of the Red Bull team.

But, it's not all bad news; the Yukon 2 can still perform like the bigger kids. To ensure that riders still get a kick out of riding their bike, Giant adds a 1x12 Shimano Deore drivetrain to the mix with a 10-51T cassette. That's enough range to climb and even get a touch of added speed on descents, not to mention trudging through snow. Helping you slow down, Sram Level brakes clamp down on either 180-millimeter (7.1-inch) or 160-millimeter (6.3-inch) rotors.

Yukon 2 Hardtail
Imagine that you have $1,900 in your account and are looking for a new bike to thrash around without feeling sorry for it. You happened to see this article and your interest was sparked. Time to head to a local dealership to test this bugger out. Once you see yourself mounted on the bike, you begin your ride.

Mounting was nice and easy due to that sloping top tube, and with a push on the cranks, you take off. 4.5-inch cross-section tires make the ride feel a tad lively, but the moment you hit a root or a crack in the road, you begin to understand why they're there. Sure, they may seem a bit cumbersome on off-road terrain, but it's an excellent way to help limit your need for speed. Back at the dealership, you dismount, hand the bike over to Santa's little helper, and a satisfied smile comes across your face.

You sit there and look at the bike, trigonometric calculations running through your mind, and with a "What the heck!" you extend your cash-filled hand over the counter. That's just one way to get in on this year's outdoor adventure season.

But, you won't even be able to grab this bike right now; it's to be released in December 2022. But wait, this means that this bugger is a machine you should use to trudge through snow and any muddy thaw you run into. Just something to consider for this year.

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