VY-01 Concept Yacht Is Being Sold As NFT To Raise Cash for Marine Conservation

Most folks have figured out by now that a yacht concept rarely becomes the real thing. However, with new advancements in art dealing (NFTs) concept vessels like the VY-01 are making bucks before they’re even commissioned to be built for real.
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Folks, a new trend is here, and one with seemingly infinite financial possibilities for artists, NFTs. NFTs are a way for artists to sell digital works, and one yacht design group, 3deluxe, has begun to explore just what can be achieved through virtual art dealings.

To coincide with this year’s Monaco Boat Show, 3deluxe now offers the VY-01 megayacht concept for sale as an NFT on SuperWorld, an NFT marketplace. Even though 3deluxe will be making some cash off the NFT sales, half of all funds raised will be donated to a marine conservation organization; who says the rich don’t care?

Aside from the whole business aspect of VY-01, it is still arguably an amazing concept and one that seems to raise the bar on sea-faring living. Quite a few aspects have been taken into consideration while designing the VY-01, including its zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell and methanol drivetrain, plus architecture and design, all of which create a vessel that’s one with its environment.

VY\-01 Concept Yacht
Photo: 3deluxe
Since I mentioned the drivetrain first, we can focus on this ship's conceptual propulsion. In line with current and future ecological movements, the VY-01 boasts a hydrogen-powered drive that is fed by nothing more than a tank full of methanol. In as few words as possible, the hydrogen fuel cells are fueled by breaking down methanol and capturing the released hydrogen. Sure, the science behind it is a bit more complex, but I'm no chemist, not anymore. Once the methanol is consumed, just pull into port, refuel, and off you go. Maybe, just maybe, you can refuel at a natural gas rig out at sea.

With propulsion systems out of the way, let’s take a look at the exterior and interior design to see what kinds of activities and spaces are available to guests. The first thing you might notice when you set eyes on the VY-01 is its hull design. The “reduced and streamlined” design does have a purpose though, that of creating as little water and wind resistance as possible against the ship.

The second stand-out feature is the main deck and the lateral fins you see. Not only are these fins used to break the solid linework that the ship presents but they also have a function, that of allowing an immense amount of natural light into the ship; isn’t LED lighting enough?

VY\-01 Concept Yacht Garden
Photo: 3deluxe
Well, normally it would be, but one feature that the VY-01 boasts is that of “a garden of Eden,” which is just a decked-out garden design with live plants, waterfalls, and even man-made streams. Don’t worry, God and the Devil won’t be taking a seat at this table so do feel free to eat whatever apples you find. More lighting is provided by the large see-through roof that covers nearly half of the main deck.

Speaking of foods, this is also part of the purpose of this garden. From it, guests and owners will be able to eat fresh foods. You name it, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, apples, pears, and oranges, all will have a place upon the VY-01. All these goodies are then used in any of the kitchens and bars you will find aboard the ship.

Beautifully integrated into the garden setting will also be the owner's loft. Just imagine waking up, stretching your hand out of the window, grabbing breakfast from a tree, and enjoying it in bed as you roam the seven seas; nothing like that feeling.

At the rear of the ship, an outdoor pool fills almost the entire beam of the ship and features a slight drop aft that blends the ship into its natural surroundings. Chairs, tables, and lounge beds sit all around allowing you to get as crispy as you like. A suspended sun deck at the top of the vessel offers more lounging and sun-bathing opportunities.

Even as an NFT, the VY-01 boasts plenty of ground-breaking ideas that offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, if it was real that is. Heck, who knows what some crazy billionaire may be up to, and maybe we get to see something like this at some point in time in the future.
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