Volkswagen ID.3 Owner Compares It to a Tesla Model 3 Performance

Is a Tesla Model 3 Performance better than a Volkswagen ID.3? Here’s content creator Alex Gillon’s first impression of the Model 3 Performance, compared to the ID.3 he’s owned for a year and a half. While far from an in-depth review, this is an insightful brief comparison between the 2 vehicles.
Tesla Model 3 Performance 6 photos
Photo: EV Driver / YouTube
Tesla Model 3 PerformanceTesla Model 3 PerformanceTesla Model 3 PerformanceTesla Model 3 PerformanceTesla Model 3 Performance
Barely over a minute into the video, Alex finds out why driving a Tesla is so different – even compared to other quick cars he’s driven before, the “Sport” mode acceleration is “mindboggling,” as he puts it. The “Chill” mode, on the other hand, is more gradual.

This also plays into customizing the driving experience, from acceleration and steering all the way to stopping – which Tesla seems to be great at versus his Volkswagen EV.

Now, the display is used for pretty much everything with a Tesla (even opening the glove box), so it’s no surprise it’s the main attraction here.

Compared to the one found inside the ID.3, it’s bigger and snappier, with undeniably better software – Alex mentions you don’t even need Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with all the things you get here. That said, he thinks Android Auto has a better map visualization.

For the most part, he considers the driving experience between the two cars to be similar, although the Model 3 Performance is lower and has firmer suspensions than the ID.3, along with a smaller steering wheel.

According to the reviewer, however, Volkswagen has an overall better build quality than Tesla, although one commenter pointed out the car appears to be a 2020 model, with improved build quality found on the more recent models.

Moreover, the ID.3 is better at recognizing speed limit indicators, but that might have to do with the software or the fact he’s driving the car in the UK. Automatic lane change wasn’t perfect either, with some hesitations and delays on the software side.

As for a final verdict, feel free to watch the video below for a more immersive experience.

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