Video: Watch in Awe as the Understeer Spirit Pushes Dodge Charger Into a Tree

Cue the X-Files music, as we’ve got a strange case of getting possessed by the understeer spirit. Either that, or the driver of this Dodge Charger, presumably in the hot Hellcat flavor, simply doesn’t know how to tackle corners at all.
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Photo: Instagram | 323_1320
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Shared a few hours ago by 323_1320 on social media and embedded at the bottom of the page, the short video starts with the muscly sedan approaching a right turn. Due to the relatively high speed, turning the wheel had no effect, and the car eventually stopped in a tree.

The classic case of understeer continued with deployed airbags, a shook yet ok young fella riding shotgun who could barely hide his laughter upon exiting the vehicle, and a very embarrassed driver. The same crown that was cheering for him was now laughing at the whole situation, making everything much less bearable.

Guess that is what happens when you show off on public roads, high on the brave pill, which doesn’t necessarily improve your driving skills. But that’s a lesson learned the hard way by the young man who was holding the wheel when things went south, and we reckon he won’t pull such a dangerous stunt again without thinking twice before. Too bad he saw his savings turn into dust at a hard push of the loud pedal, unless the insurance will cover the repairs or if it is a rental.

This video reminds us of another one, shot in Los Angeles last month, which saw a Dodge Challenger powerslide straight into a couple of cars. Fortunately, no one was hurt in that incident either, which could have been avoided if that driver, just like the one of the said Dodge Charger, had used more common sense. You can check out that clip here, after hitting the play button on the one shared down below, of course.

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