Two Drop-Down Decks Turn This Ultra-Functional Tiny Into the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

The 28-foot Dragonfly opens up to the outdoors through drop-down decks on each side 17 photos
Photo: Utopian Villas
Dragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny HouseDragonfly 28-foot Tiny House
"On-the-Go Opulence" is much more than a catchy phrase; it’s the perfect way to define this quirky and wonderfully ingenious house on wheels. Forget everything you thought you knew about tiny homes and explore this whimsical haven packed with smart solutions for ultimate functionality.
The Dragonfly by Utopian Villas looks so different than standard tiny homes that it almost seems like a real-life toy house. Any kid would be fascinated with a miniature house on wheels that opens up on both sides simultaneously, revealing numerous hidden treasures such as a foldable kitchen table and a rolling staircase/storage unit. The good news is that the Dragonfly is not a toy or some quirky architectural project; it's a real house designed for real people, and it comes with all the perks of a road-legal travel trailer.

Even without its fabulous hidden features, the Dragonfly would be a gorgeous luxury tiny house. At 28 feet (8.5 meters), it’s the biggest version of this ingenious design by Utopian Villas, which is also available in smaller, more compact frames. Without its clever additions, the Dragonfly would be a cozy modern-rustic abode with a generous open-plan ground floor and a loft bedroom, with everything fitted into more than 200 square feet (18.5 square meters).

Still, the Dragonfly can't hide its unconventional spirit because its unusual structure is instantly noticeable. The modern combination of metal and wooden panels highlights the unique, slanted roof with skylights and makes way for not one but two hinged exterior decks to drop down on each side in the middle section.

Dragonfly 28\-foot Tiny House
Photo: Utopian Villas
With both of its decks fully open, the 28-foot Dragonfly looks absolutely spectacular. There is no need for glass sliding doors, oversized windows, and indoor/outdoor living areas when the house itself can become one big outdoor oasis. The doors on each side open to generously sized decks complete with steps for easy access. This unique solution doesn't just open the Dragonfly fully to the outdoors, but it also creates a much bigger living area as if by magic, without compromising the home's mobility.

With these double, hinged decks, folks get to spend time outdoors, as if they were on a regular porch, while still being in the comfort of their own home, protected against the elements. There are lots of ways to add an exterior deck to a house on wheels, but this must be one of the most original, clever ideas yet.

The Dragonfly is all about maximizing spaciousness and adding functionality even where it seemed impossible. First, the hinged decks literally widen this home's living areas. Second, the kitchen countertop is greatly expanded via a retractable table for additional cooking space. Thirdly, instead of the typical loft staircase with integrated cabinets, this smart home reveals a built-in staircase that's ingeniously hidden behind a sliding, asymmetrical storage unit.

Dragonfly 28\-foot Tiny House
Photo: Utopian Villas
At first glance, this two-in-one setup looks like a tall storage cabinet with multiple drawers of various shapes and sizes. When one of the sections slides back, it reveals the staircase section. This unusual design saves a ton of space while providing much-needed storage.

Thanks to this quirky item, there was enough room left in this area to add a surprisingly big dining setup with a large table and matching stools. Even the stools were specifically designed to be narrow enough so they could all fit perfectly under the table when not in use, saving even more space. This is a beautiful dining nook by the window that wouldn't have been possible without replacing the classic staircase with an ingenious rolling storage unit.

The Dragonfly's dining area could also double as an informal lounge for people to spend time together, watch TV, and enjoy the outdoors. When the decks are dropped down, this becomes the center stage of a large indoor/outdoor area. Even though the house itself is designed to accommodate three people at most, this wide socializing area is perfect for having guests over and enjoying a different kind of camping.

Dragonfly 28\-foot Tiny House
Photo: Utopian Villas
On one end of the house, there's a cozy lounge designed for a more intimate ambiance. This could be a relaxing reading corner, with full-length shelves doubling as a modern bookcase. The convertible sofa can be turned into an extra bed at night, in addition to the main bedroom, which is accessed via the hidden staircase. The bathroom is located at the other end of the house.

Despite its rustic appearance with an abundance of wood in natural shades, the Dragonfly is incredibly modern for an outdoor retreat. The custom-made features that maximize its functionality took this from a standard layout to a unique perspective on tiny living. This travel trailer feels truly luxurious because it manages to incorporate so many desirable amenities, from a separate dining area to generously sized exterior decks, in a compact format.

The 28-foot Dragonfly Tiny with drop-down decks starts at $97,433, while the most compact version of this design is available for less than $80,000. With its striking appearance and hidden perks, the Dragonfly confirms once again that space limitations can't get in the way of smart design.
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