Tweaked Ferrari SF90 Spider Feels the Miami Heat, Works on Its Tan in California

Ferrari SF90 Spider 14 photos
Photo: Instagram | anrkywheels
Ferrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 SpiderFerrari SF90 Spider
Do supercars look good in lively hues? Well, some of them sure do, including the Ferrari SF90 Spider. However, this particular copy proves that they can also stand out more with a black finish.
Mind you, the black color is not the only highlight of this Italian electrified blue-blooded model, as it also features a few other bits and bobs. Don't look for a wacky body kit, as it doesn't have tuners like Mansory behind it. This Ferrari SF90 Spider is celebrating its 15 minutes of online fame on Anrky Wheels' social media, and you know the reason, don't you?

If you said those five-spoke alloys with a turbine-like shape, then you are correct, as they are another highlight of the supercar. Engineered, machined, and finished in the United States, the XR-205 set is available in 19-24 inches with respective widths of 4-14 inches and can be ordered in various finishes.

On the pictured Ferrari, the wheels measure 9.5x21 inches at the front and 12.5x22 inches at the rear. They have a mirror-polished smoke look with exposed glossy black hardware. The Prancing Horse's logo still decorates them and more yellow can be seen on the Ferrari-branded brake calipers behind the aftermarket alloys.

Ferrari SF90 Spider
Photo: Instagram | anrkywheels
At first glance, we were tempted to say that this is where the tuning touch stops. However, a closer look at the images released on the World Wide Web by Anrky Wheels reveals that this Ferrari SF90 Spider features additional goodies. These include a slightly more pronounced chin spoiler attached to the OEM bumper and a ducktail piece at the other end.

Everything else carries over from the Maranello factory in Italy, which is where Ferrari makes its exciting machines. But what about the oily bits, you ask? Well, nothing suggests any upgrades in this department, so we are going to assume that the supercar retains its stock output and thrust.

No fewer than three electric motors assist the turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. The total output is rated at 986 brake horsepower, which comes out to 1,000 metric horsepower or 736 kilowatts. Ferrari says the SF90 Spider can keep pushing all the way up to 211 miles an hour or 340 kilometers per hour, stating that it can hit the 62 mph (100 kph) mark in just two and a half seconds after taking off.

Several tuners have a few power boosts on their shelves for the Ferrari SF90 series, yet nothing that would blow your socks off. Then again, this model does not need to pack more punch to impress its occupants, as it is already very potent without any outside intervention. That said, what's your take on this SF90 Spider that had its pictures taken in Miami?

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