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TURBO Porsche Cayman GT4 Is a World First, Engine Sounds Brutal

Picture a massive group of aficionados saying random angry stuff in German and you'll have a image that makes for a relevant reaction to the title above - the sheer idea of a GT4 Porsche is to have a naturally aspirated motor occupying the middle section of a sportscar. Well, somebody has broken the mold and we are now talking about a machine that's probably the world's first turbocharged Cayman GT4.
TURBO Porsche Cayman GT4 5 photos
Turbo Porsche Cayman GT4Turbo Porsche Cayman GT4Turbo Porsche Cayman GT4Turbo Porsche Cayman GT4
This is a pre-718 GT4, which means the flat-six of the machine was initially found on the 991.1 Carrera S. In factory form, the engine delivers 385 hp and 310 lb-ft/420 Nm of torque. And, following the said visit to the gym, the unit now produces about 450 hp and 350 lb-ft/475 Nm. Note that these crankshaft figures were approximated based on the wheel output showcased by the dyno run, namely 382 hp and 300 lb-ft/407 Nm.

Now, as anybody with uber-basic math skills will tell you, the increase is not that serious. So why has the soul of this Zuffenhausen machine been sold to the forced induction devil? Well, the said numbers have been achieved on low boost - that would be about 5-6 psi. And while one can only increase the boost so much before having to upgrade a host of other components, there's still room to grow without having to make serious extra investments into the motor.

So while the current form of the Cayman GT4 Turbo still makes this more muscular than the new 718 Cayman GT4, it's pretty clear that the project won't stop here. For the record, the build comes from Florida-based Porsche tuning and maintenance specialist Parkhouse1.

Speaking of the current 718 generation, the fact that most of its engines are now turbo-fours only means purists will get even angrier about the forced-fed toy that brought us here. Then again, "angry" seems like a proper word to describe the soundtrack of the motor, as you'll notice during the dyno run portrayed in the clip below - you can head over to the 3:21 point of the clip for the shenanigan.

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