Tromox Ukko May Look Like a Toy, but This Nimble EV Handles Both Road and Asphalt

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EICMA is an annual trade show that takes place in Milan, Italy – it's the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to showcase new vehicles and technologies. This is what Tromox did; it presented a new version of its Ukko electric motorcycle: the Ukko AT.
Tromox is a start-up from Hangzhou, China, founded in 2018. The company specializes in electric motorcycles and mopeds, and it seeks to make traveling by motorcycle smarter, cooler, more fashionable, and more eco-friendly while also breaking outdated mobility patterns.

The start-up currently has three models available, with variants for some: the Ukko, the Mino, and the MC10, which was announced simultaneously with the Ukko AT version. I have previously covered the Ukko here on autoevolution, but several changes were made to become the Ukko AT. Let's see what it's all about.

The Ukko AT uses the same platform as the base model – it's built on an all-aluminum alloy cradle frame, designed and tested to withstand more than 1,000,000 times of vibration. While the base Ukko is designed for urban driving and dense traffic, due to the technical improvements, the Ukko AT can ride on all terrain. It boasts a 16" front wheel, slightly bigger than the Ukko S, and a 14" rear wheel.

Another perk of the Ukko AT is its compact size. It measures 1940 x 800 x 1140 mm (76 x 31 x 45 inches) and has a pretty low weight of 110 kg (242 lbs.). The seat sits at an 825 mm (32 inches) height, and the vehicle has 200 mm (8 inches) of ground clearance.

Tromox Ukko AT
Photo: Tromox
The Ukko AT's spoked wheels are more rigid, provide more resistance to wear and tear, and do not sacrifice grip thanks to the tread pattern. What further helps the e-motorcycle tackle different kinds of terrain is the suspension. There's a converted/spring oil-damped front suspension and a mid-mounted integral airbag spring-damping rear suspension.

Regarding its looks, Tromox has a design office based in Italy where seven in-house designers incorporate emblematic features from beautiful Italian motorcycles to the company's vehicles. The vehicle ergonomics and driving position are critical elements that ensure the rider's comfort – the two-wheeled machines are developed by using computer simulations, building clay models, and testing them on riders of different sizes. That's how they find the best driving position.

Like the newly announced MC10, the Ukko AT boasts a central permanent magnet synchronous motor with a gearbox, although its design and power differ from the MC10. The engine outputs a peak power of 8 kW (11 ps) or 4kW (5 ps) of continuous power and 220 Nm (162 ft-lbs.) of torque at the rear wheel. It's more than enough for riding around the city or for light off-roading. The top speed is around 90 kph (56 mph).

The motor is connected to a 72 V, 50 Ah battery. It provides a range of about 100 km (60 miles), which can significantly vary depending on several factors. Tromox managed to reach this range at a constant speed of 20 kph (12 mph) with a rider weighing 75 kg (165 lbs.) while the ambient temperature was 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). Charging time takes about 5 hours.

Tromox Ukko AT Motor
Photo: Tromox
You can travel smart and connect to your Ukko AT using the Tromox App – it can record your journeys and display information such as battery charge, driving habits, and others. You can also use it to update the motorcycle via OTA (over-the-air) updates.

If you want to find out more information about the Ukko AT, you can visit the Tromox booth at EICMA until November 13. Otherwise, check out Tromox's official website – it hasn't been updated yet with details about the Ukko AT, but that will probably happen soon.

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